The 2019 Canadian National Field Target Championship – Part Two

Here’s Part Two of HAM Tester Eric Brewer’s report on his visit to the 2019 Canadian National Field Target Championship. Part One was published here.

Day One Of The Competition

Getting up in the morning we were invited to breakfast and all went down to a local diner in the town of Port Colborne. Afterwards back to the range for more sighting-in…

Above. That’s Dennis Eden. US FT shooters may have seen him at the Crosman shoot last month as he and Tim MacSweyn often visit us at the larger events.

Below. Chris Holmes at the zeroing range. Chris is paralyzed from the waist down but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying Field Target. That chair gets him thru the entire match in the woods!

Back to the club to confirm her trajectories until we had the shooters meeting at 9:45AM.

We chronographed our guns and the match started at 10:00 AM. There were 25 shooters total. The counts were: 4 WFTF PCP, 7 WFTF Piston, 3 Hunter PCP, 5 Hunter Piston and 6 Open PCP.

After the second round of five lanes everyone headed back to the clubhouse to see the scores and get ready for an early dinner that the club set up at a restaurant close by. This was another opportunity to talk about guns and shooting and life happenings.

After dinner we were back to the clubhouse and the range was open again to try to correct anything we didn’t like about their shooting during the day. A lot of guys were camping on the property so we were all enjoying some beverages and chit-chatting until late night.

Below. The first day I was paired with Jeremy Zobel who was shooting a beautiful Whiscombe. JW 75 Silver Top at 19 fps. Yes….19 fps.

2019 Canadian National Field Target Championship – Day Two

In the morning range was open again until safety meeting and then opportunity shooting lanes again. It was the same set-up where you have five lanes to shoot, a 15 minute break then five more lanes to shoot.

On Sunday I was paired with another great guy, Mark Shelleau with his TX200. Unfortunately he was having problems with a weak spring that kept getting a lower and lower FPS as the day went on. Luckily he asked around and Joel Goodwin hooked him up with a new spring for Day Two.

I had a much better day on Sunday once I figured out how to hold the monopod to be more accurate with my shots!

After coming off the lanes all the scores were totaled to find out where people finished. I wound up increasing from 4th to 3rd, not quite getting enough points from my poor performance on the first day to get higher in the rankings. Sean McDaniel did really well placing second in open.

Below. That’s Sean receiving his 2nd place plaque.

The 2019 Canadian National Field Target Championship - Part Two

There was an award ceremony and all the award plaques were given out to each winner. A lot of laughs were going on from comedians in the audience 🙂

Below. Here’s the final scores.

The 2019 Canadian National Field Target Championship - Part Two

For prizes, Canadians do things a little different! They don’t give out prizes to the high scores, they do a door prize where each person gets a ticket. Half the ticket gets put in a bucket and drawn.

When your ticket is called you get to go up and pick up whatever you choose from the table. That way, everyone had a chance for a prize.

There was a great selection of prizes that had been donated by Airgun Source Canada, Airgun Archery Fun and Canada Shooting Supply. That’s several thousand dollars’ worth of items. A big thanks to all the sponsors!!!

The 2019 Canadian National Field Target Championship - Part Two

Sean and I then said our goodbyes and headed back down to the Border to come back home. This time we wound up having no problems at the border coming into America, unlike our previous years going through.

For some reason we were always tagged to go inside the building to talk to officers. This year we breezed right through and headed home getting in around 7:00PM to Sean’s house.

Thanks to all everyone at the shoot. They made it a really great time for both Sean and I. Keep those barrels getting dirty!

Eric Brewer.