The 2021 Virtual SHOT Show Is Happening Now

The 2021 virtual SHOT Show is happening right now. In fact, it’s the second day of the first-ever virtual event.

Normally – as in many years past – I would be there, finding all the latest airgun news and new products then writing-up the stories for HAM readers. But this year is different. Very different…

Below you can see my view into the 2021 Virtual SHOT Show. As you can see, there’s 2,179 companies listed as exhibitors in this year’s virtual SHOT Show. 94 of them claim to have some relationship to airguns.


2021 Virtual SHOT Show

As always, that’s something of a stretch. The number of “hard core” airgun companies – members of what we would regard as the airgun industry – is actually much smaller.

But it’s still a large-enough number to cover in the normal course of a 4-day show.

This year, I’ve been looking avidly around the virtual show site. But – again as you can see from my view into the show (above) – there’s apparently just 173 new products being announced with a Press Kit by those 2,179 companies in the entire shooting sports industry. Normally, it would be many thousands…

A Press Kit provides information and pictures that are intended to help media folk (like me) bring you news about the new product.

So sadly, this year – try as I might – I can only find one new airgun product with a Press Kit. Here it is…

Stoeger Airguns has a new S8000-E Tac suppressed air rifle. It’s a gas ram-powered breakbarrel air rifle that the manufacturer describes as being suitable for the beginning shooter, backyard plinker or seasoned small game hunter.

The S8000-E Tac has conventional muzzle velocity specifications. That’s up to 1,200 FPS in .177 caliber and 1,000 FPS win .22 cal. – both using alloy pellets. Where it is different is in the customizable stock.

Length of pull can be adjusted using the variety of spacers supplied with the gun. There’s also a three-position cheek pad. Similar stock flexibility is a feature of some other Stoeger airguns and it can be very useful facility to help achieve the best possible handling.

Oh, and the S8000-E Tac is supplied complete with a 3-9×40 AO scope for a MSRP of $249.

So that’s it so far from the 2021 virtual SHOT Show. If I find more, I’ll let you know…