The Action Armour Steel Scramble – A New Challenge At EBR 2022

The Action Armour Steel Scramble was a new challenge at Extreme Benchrest 2022. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the competitors I spoke to – everyone loved it!

This fast, fun and furious competition combined four lanes of multiple shooting disciplines. First there was four lanes of Precision/NRL22. Then three lanes of Extreme Field Target were followed by four lanes of Benchrest shooting. Reactive steel targets steel targets are used throughout. The targets are at different ranges out to 100 Yards.


A hit on any target scored 10 points. Each competitor’s final score was a combination of his or her score in every lane. A miss counted nothing – and the challenging targets ensured that there were a lot of misses, although plenty of smiles…

Each stage was subject to very tight timing. Typically 6 shots were to be fired in 90 seconds. Two shots at each target – well, all except one!

With ten stages, a total of 53 shots were fired by each participant. Shooters were grouped into squads and managed their way through competition as a group. The squad self-timed, scored and reset targets until they had completed the lane.


Each squad included between 3 and 8 shooters. With a shotgun start, they progressed though the lanes clockwise as a squad.

The rules allowed any commercial pellet and/or slug .22 to .30 caliber. Power levels were 28 Ft/Lbs minimum to 150 Ft/Lbs maximum 150.


Although recharging with HPA was allowed between lanes. No tethered tanks were allowed.

Bipods were allowed, although they’re considered to be part of the rifle. That is, they could not be removed during the competition and had to be fitted at every stage, whether needed or not. Tripods? Nope!


Registration was limited to 172 shooters and it was packed full!

Because of the complexity of the courses of fire – they are different for every stage – HAM will bring you a separate post with the rules in detail in the near future. Although this is definitely a challenging match to stage, its extreme popularity with both shooters and spectators means that the Action Armour Steel Scramble is definitely a competition with a future.

As for targets, you can see them at AoA’s Action Armour page.