The Beeman Airguns Website Is Back

After a long period of being off-line, the Beeman Airguns website – – is back. There’s a complete new look to the site and it includes a range of new products, too.

This new website lists all the current Chinese-manufactured Beeman airguns – both rifles and pistols.

There’s the Beeman PCP range, including the forthcoming underlever-cocking and competition models that were first seen by HAM readers in our report from the 2020 SHOT Show.

Of course, you’ll also find the classic QB78-type CO2-powered rifles. Nowadays they’re marketed under the “Power Series” brand, so you’ll need to select the appropriate dropdown to see the current range.

Then there’s the enormous – even bewildering – array of breakbarrel air rifles in the “Sportsman Series”. These are available with gas ram or spring/piston powerplants. There’s also a choice of single caliber and interchangeable (.177 and .22) caliber models.

HAM has had good results from testing a number of Beeman air rifles over the years. The Longhorn breakbarrel and QB78 Synthetic and Chief PCP, in particular, have earned HAM Gold Awards for their value and performance.

Also included in the new website are Marksman brand products. These are generally smaller, lighter breakbarrel rifles more suitable for use by the younger shooter.

Judging from the indications of shopping cart functionality – there’s Cart and Account headings – we can expect to see online ordering capability become available at some time in the future.

The new Beeman Airguns website also provides information and contact details for the company’s warranty and repair services.

As has been the case for many years, if you’re looking for the German-manufactured Beeman airguns like the R7 and R9, these are to be found on the Pyramyd Air website as this is the USA distributor. The R9 Elite is a German Beeman model that gained a HAM Gold Award on testing.

Beeman QB78S Air Rifle