The Brocock Concept Lite – A New Lightweight PCP Air Rifle

The Brocock Concept Lite is a new model from the British airgun manufacturer that’s available now. Launched at the 2019 IWA OutdoorClassics trade show, HAM readers saw a sneak peek of this tactical-looking airgun at that time.

Brocock says that it has become the most asked-for model in their range, since that time. It’s now available at retail and HAM is asking for one to review!

The Brocock Concept Lite - A New Lightweight PCP Air Rifle

The Concept Lite is positioned as a ‘modular gun platform” – that’s a concept that started with assault rifles, and has now spread to airguns. Brocock claims that this is the most solid platform available for building a true tactical, firearm-grade air rifle system.

Below. Fitted with the MTC Optics Viper Connect scope and moderator, there’s a definite Dragunov feel to the looks. Don’t you agree?

Why the name Concept? Brocock says that’s because this rifle can be adapted to be anything you want it to be. Why Lite? Because this rifle weighs just 6.5 Lbs in its base model configuration.

The Brocock Concept Lite looks like an ideal choice for hunters looking for a small, compact yet powerful carbine-style rifle. In .25 caliber, it offers up to 40 consistent shots of up to 40 Ft/Lbs Muzzle Energy.

In .22 cal, up to 60 shots are available from one fill at up to 28 Ft/Lbs. The .177 caliber version tops-out the shot count with up to 85 shots at power levels up to 18 Ft/Lbs.

These performance specs are outstanding from such a small HPA tank. It’s facilitated by the very latest and greatest Huma-Air regulator, Brocock tells us. Tank capacity is just 150 cc, another part of the weight-saving design.

The German barrel is slightly choked and Brockock says that it delivers impressive accuracy with many brands and weights of pellets. Slugs will also chamber with ease, too, for hunting applications at reasonable ranges.

Both a 10-shot rotary magazine and single-shot tray are supplied with the gun in each caliber. These are identical with the existing Compatto/Bantam models.

The gun’s main chassis is milled from a single billet of aircraft-grade Aluminum. It’s the foundation for the three front Picatinny mounting rails.

Brocock says that this robust bottom rail is intended for extended bipod and hand grip mounting. The two removable side rails are intended for other tactical shooting aids.

The butt stock is an AR15 compatible adjustable unit to fit shooters of all sizes. It can be swung to one side for compact transportation.

The Brocock Concept Lite - A New Lightweight PCP Air Rifle

The pistol grip is an AK47 unit that can also be changed to other proprietary styles by the owner.

Rapid cocking and firing of the Brocock Concept Lite is facilitated by the large tactical bolt handle and new hammer system. A multi-step power adjuster adds flexibility for back yard plinking or long range pest control.

The Brocock Concept Lite - A New Lightweight PCP Air Rifle

The trigger is a crisp two-stage adjustable unit to give precise control for optimum accuracy. There’s also a shrouded barrel for reduced report.


Brocock Concept Lite Air Rifle