The Classic Diana Two Forty Breakbarrel Air Rifle

The Diana Two Forty breakbarrel air rifle is a classic-looking gun. It’s a sleek, simple design with a hardwood stock and a single shot action.

At just 40.25 Inches overall length and a weight of 7 Lbs 4 Oz – including the scope – it’s compact, light and easy to shoot. And right now, it’s selling at a Street Price of just $99.99, which has to be great value!

Before going any further, we should next explain that the Muzzle Energy of the Diana Two Forty is just 5.5 Ft/Lbs.

So no, this is not your average 1,000 FPS breakbarrel. It’s waaay less powerful than that!

Why then, would anyone purchase such an anemic airgun in the USA?

Well, there’s actually a number of very good reasons. Firstly, the low power rating makes the Two Forty very easy to cock. That makes it ideal for all-day plinking and as an airgun that all the family can shoot.

The low power means it’s short and light, as we mentioned above. It’s also likely to make the Two Forty a lot less hold-sensitive than high powered springers – hence easier to shoot accurately for inexperienced shooters.

The Classic Diana Two Forty Breakbarrel Air Rifle

Given that so many people live closer together than they did in the past, that low power makes the gun quiet. It’s definitely backyard-friendly.

The low power means limited range and hitting power also. Yes, that can be a good thing for backyard shooting too!

Many of us living in Northern states like to shoot indoors in Winter in our basement ranges. The Diana Two Forty breakbarrel is ideal for that use as well.

So there’s plenty of practical benefits for a low-powered springer like the Diana Two Forty!

But while compactness brings benefits, it also brings some limitations for scope mounting. Yes, you can shoot the Two Forty using it’s open sights. But most airgunners prefer to use a riflescope instead.

Below you can see that we mounted a Mantis 3-9x40AO scope on our Two Forty. This Mantis scope is 13 Inches long and that’s the absolute maximum length that will fit the Two Forty. It’s not a huge problem, just something to be aware of…

The Classic Diana Two Forty Breakbarrel Air Rifle

The other thing we should mention here is that there seems to be a little confusion about the gun’s name. It’s “Two Forty” – that is, the name consists of letters, not numbers. That’s important because there was a previous model called the “Diana 240” – indicated by numbers.

Here’s how it appears on the gun.

While here’s how it’s displayed on the box. If you check-out the Diana web site, it’s spelled-out, too.

While the current Diana Two Forty was designed in Germany, it’s made in China – as the box says. The previous “240” was a slightly different design that was manufactured in Germany.

Even Pyramyd is confused about this, as you’ll see from the website. The gun they are selling actually is the “Two Forty”, as is confirmed by the “Item Details” section where the product code is confirmed as 24000302 (BLS stands for Bluse Line Solutions, Diana’s US importer).

Now I’m not trying to make a big deal about where this air rifle is manufactured. My intent is simply to be clear about the precise model we are looking at. In informal testing, it’s certainly very pleasant to shoot!

The Classic Diana Two Forty Breakbarrel Air Rifle

Diana 240 Classic Air Rifle 0.177

Mantis 3-9×40 AO Rifle Scope, Mil-Dot Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 1 Tube