The Crosman Custom Shop Is Back And Better!

Now there’s great news for the many lovers of classic Crosman airguns. The Crosman Custom Shop is back and better!

The “new look” Custom Shop allows you to customize three current Crosman models. These are the 2300KT CO2 pistol, the 2400KT CO2 rifle and the 1300KT multi-pump pistol.

As you can tell by the “KT” suffixes, this means that you’re starting with a steel breech as standard. That’s a really good move as it’s undoubtedly what all Custom Shop customers will want. And your custom airgun can be engraved with your name – or whatever you choose, up to a total of 24 characters.

The Crosman Custom Shop Is Back And Better!

As you build-up “your” gun, you see the results on-screen and can make changes as required. You also see a running total for the price your new airgun.

In the case of the 2300KT, for example, there’s a choice of no less than 8 barrels, 4 muzzles, 5 sights, 6 trigger shoes and 8 grips. That’s TON of choices!

Enthusiasts will be delighted to see that these choices include both Crosman and Lothar Walther barrels in different calibers and lengths. There’s also the availability of wood pistol grips – with a choice in Maple, Walnut or Zebrawood.

Should you want a lifetime warranty for your custom airgun, just check the box before you complete the order. It’s just an additional $10.00. Yes, just $10.00 for a lifetime warranty!!!

Phillip Guadalupe, Velocity Outdoors Senior Product Manager, Airguns, explained that the company is delighted to re-introduce the Crosman Custom Shop concept for its dedicated and enthusiastic customers. “I can see a lot of very happy faces out there when they finish building their ideal airgun”, he told HAM.

More than that, all guns from the Custom Shop include a certificate of authenticity and free US domestic shipping (as the order value will be over $99.00).

All Custom Shop airguns are built by Crosman specialist assemblers at Velocity Outdoors’ headquarters in Bloomfield, New York. Yup, in the good ole USA!

Combined with the reasonable pricing and lead times – it’s currently just 2 weeks – there’s no reason not to treat yourself to a new custom airgun…