The Extreme Booster Pump – Fill Your PCP To A Higher Pressure Than The Tank!

The Extreme Booster Pump is magic: well almost! You see, it’s a device that allows you to fill your PCP air rifle to a higher – make that much higher – pressure than you have in your HPA tank.


Yes, it’s true!

Let’s look at this example…

Say your HPA tank is down on pressure to less than 2,000 PSI and you want to fill your RTI Prophet to a full 4,350 PSI (300 Bar). Normally you’re out of luck without another visit to the dive store or pal with a HPA compressor.

But not with the Extreme Booster Pump. You see, you can connect the booster pump between your tank and PCP air rifle and – in a minute or two – have that Prophet filled back to a full 4,350 PSI.

There’s no need for electricity and no compressor was involved. And it was very simple to do. Just connect-up the hoses like this, open the tank valve and press the green button!

The Extreme Booster Pump - Fill Your PCP To A Higher Pressure Than The Tank!

So what happened?

The Extreme Booster Pump took (relatively) low pressure HPA from the tank. It converted some of it into HPA at a much higher pressure and filled the gun’s bottle.

Although it seems like magic, it’s actually not. The Extreme Booster Pump is in fact a “column pressure amplifier” or “air amplifier”. It’s very smart technology that’s not been applied in the PCP airgun world before to any significant extent – at least to the HAM Team’s knowledge.

That makes it the answer to an issue that’s faced by PCP airgun shooters every day around the world. “Air anxiety” (do I have enough air in the tank to fill my PCP?) can be a thing of the past, even if you don’t have your own compressor.

Today, we’re looking at some of the many benefits that the Extreme Booster Pump can offer. In future stories we’ll see how easy it is to use. We’ll also explore its capabilities in depth.

Extreme Booster Pump benefits

It’s relatively small and light. At less than 12 Lbs weight and 24 Inches long, it qualifies as portable. That’s much lighter than most portable electric HPA compressors, for example. So you can take it to the range – or even into the field – with you.

The Extreme Booster Pump - Fill Your PCP To A Higher Pressure Than The Tank!

No electricity required. You can set-up this booster pump at a bench on the range and be able to re-fill your PCP from a less than full HPA tank . There’s no need to go back to your vehicle, as you would with a portable HPA compressor.

More usable air from one fill of a HPA tank. If you have your HPA tank filled at a dive store or fire department, generally they charge the same price per fill, regardless of how low the pressure is.

With the booster pump, you can run the tank right down to around 1,500 PSI (or even less) before it needs to be re-filled. That’s even though you’re filling your gun to – say – 4,500 PSI each time. That saves you money in less trips to have your tank re-filled.

It works with any PCP airgun. Naturally, the benefits are most obvious with big bore air rifles having a ravenous appetite for large volumes of (very) High Pressure Air. But the booster pump can be used with any PCP. That makes it ideal for clubs where many shooters have PCPs. Someone always runs out of air during a shoot, as we all know…

Use a SCUBA tank for high pressure fills. SCUBA tanks are cheap, but most standard Aluminum tanks fill to 3,000 PSI maximum. If your PCP air rifle fills to a higher pressure – 3,625 PSI (250 Bar) or even 4,350 PSI (300 Bar), you were out of luck. Now, you can use an Extreme Booster Pump to fill them to full pressure.

It’s fast. Yes a portable HPA compressor can achieve many of the same things – just connect it to your PCP, plug it in and run. However, the time required to re-fill your gun to full pressure is much faster with the Extreme Booster Pump than it would be with a compressor.

It can be used with a shop compressor. Here’s the answer to the inevitable question from everyone who owns a low pressure air compressor. Yes, you can connect the Booster Pump to a shop compressor and fill your PCP with high pressure air!

Things to understand

Note that – like every product – the Extreme Booster Pump has limitations. It’s designed to fill PCP airguns directly, not large PCP air tanks. If you want to fill PCP tanks, you still need a HPA compressor.

Also, you’ll need a little expertise to not over-fill your airgun. It’s important to keep an eye on your PCP’s pressure gauge while using the booster pump and judge how many “shots” of the actuator button are required.

You may find it beneficial to connect an additional, accurate pressure gauge in line like this between the booster pump and gun…

The Extreme Booster Pump - Fill Your PCP To A Higher Pressure Than The Tank!

Each “shot” of the actuator button can increase pressure in the gun by as much as 3 – 400 PSI. That depends on the size of the gun’s HPA tube, or bottle, of course.

Just as with an HPA compressor, over-filling any PCP can cause a potentially-dangerous situation. Care and responsibility in the use of this booster pump are non-optional!

The Extreme Booster Pump is available now from Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles. It’s selling at $899.99.

We’ll find out more about how to use this magic new device in a second post that’s coming soon in Hard Air Magazine.