The First XFT Grand Prix Is Happening In Phoenix! With HUGE Prizes…

There’s lots of news about the exciting growth of Xtreme Field Target (XFT) as a new shooting discipline. The first XFT Grand Prix is being held in Phoenix on March 26-27.

Not only that, but the XFT Phoenix website is now live, too. You can find details for how to enter here.

To make XFT an exciting and inclusive shooting discipline, it allows the same course of fire to be shot using pellets or slugs. Even 22 subsonic rimfire can now be shot. There’s different classes for each type of ammo, of course.

The Muzzle Energy limit is 100 Ft/Lbs.

You can read more in the two comprehensive guides to XFT published in HAM recently. (Post 1, Post 2)

Phoenix XFT started as an experiment, taking Robert Buchanan’s creation, the Extreme Field Target portion of the annual Extreme Benchrest competition and making it into a monthly event.

– Would there be enough interest?

– Would enough competitors show up to make the effort worth it?

– The results have been a resounding YES!!!

It’s clear that XFT in Phoenix has garnered unprecedented interest both among shooters and the airgun industry.

Soon after initiation here in Arizona, Xtreme Field Target events started up in Texas and then Oregon. Word on the street is that a club in Oklahoma will soon be hosting their first match. People LOVE Xtreme Field Target!

And now you have a chance to earn points on the GP circuit to go towards being recognized as the National Xtreme Field Target 2022 champion at the awards ceremony that culminates the EBR weekend in October.

The first XFT Grand Prix is a two day match, March 26 and 27 at the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club. This the same location as is used for the monthly Phoenix XFT matches.

It’s 48 shots on Saturday, 48 shots on Sunday.

As for prizes, there’s some really big news.

Firstly, Airguns of Arizona has graciously donated the following prize money:

Phoenix XFT Grand Prix Pellet Class

First Place – $500
Second – $250
Third – $125
Fourth – $75
Fifth – $25

Phoenix XFT Grand Prix Slug Class

First – $250
Second – $125
Third – $75

Thanks to AoA!!!

In addition, Tom Costan of American Air Arms has donated an EVOL Paradigm in .30 caliber to the shooter who clears the course with pellets on either Sat or Sun. WOW! That’s a $3,000 airgun, folks…

“Clearing the course” means a 48/48. If more than one shooter does it, there will be a shoot off on Sunday to determine the winner of the Paradigm.

The Paradigm is the newest variation of the tried and true EVOL action in a beautiful Steve Corcoran custom thumbhole stock. The very first specimen of this latest EVOL configuration was auctioned at last years EBR and went for an astonishing sum, a true example of “you get what you pay for.”

But in this case, you’re not paying for it, just out-shooting the competition!

As you can tell, there’s a ton of interest in this new shooting discipline. This XFT Grand Prix may be the first, but it’s definitely not going to be the last…

So don’t wait! Find details for how to enter the first XFT Grand Prix here.

Have questions? Ben Spencer will be glad to answer them if you contact him by email or by phone at 480-694-6973.