The HW45 Bronze Star – A Classic Air Pistol

The Weihrauch HW45 Bronze Star is a classic air pistol that’s still in high demand today. That says a lot for the design of this single shot, spring/piston model. Here HAM is taking a first look at the HW45, we’ll be reviewing it in due course…

HAM readers saw their first glimpse of the HW45 Bronze Star in our report from the 2018 IWA Show. It’s a bronze Cerakote-finished version of this Colt 45-inspired air pistol. However the HW45 is not a centerfire replica in the sense that many current CO2-powered airguns are.

In fact, the HW45 is much larger than its firearm inspiration. Weighing 2.6 Lbs and 11-Inches long, it’s actually quite a handful to hold – although smaller than the same manufacturer’s HW44 PCP air pistol.

The HW45 Bronze Star - A Classic Air Pistol

Unusually for an air pistol, this HW45 is in .22 caliber. It’s also a US-specification gun, as is marked on both the product and packaging in no uncertain terms!

In common with other spring/piston air pistols, the HW45 is an over-cocker. The Exposed “hammer” is actually a barrel catch. The barrel, with it’s “slide” appearance, is pulled up-and-over to cock the gun before a pellet is loaded directly into the rear of the barrel.

Two power levels are available, depending on how far over the the barrel is pulled during cocking.

The HW45 Bronze Star - A Classic Air Pistol

Compared to most CO2-, or PCP-powered air pistols, the HW45 has very few controls. There’s just the trigger, the slide release and the ambidextrous safety.

It has to be said that the Cerakote bronze finish is both attractive and practical. The laminated pistol grip is in a matching colorway and is heavily-stippled. This target-style grip is machined for a comfortable hold by right- and left-handers.

The open sights have fiber optic elements and the rear sight is adjustable for elevation and windage.

The HW45 Bronze Star - A Classic Air Pistol

In addition, scope dovetails are machined into the front, top surface of the “slide”. So a long eye relief pistol scope could be fitted if desired by the owner.

Although this is obviously not a blowback pistol, the spring/piston action does provide a definite kick of its own. It’s going to be interesting to shoot!

Weihrauch HW45 Bronze Star Air Pistol