The New Brocock Concept XR Tequila Sunrise Edition

The new Brocock Concept XR Tequila Sunrise Edition air rifle is a custom air rifle that’s exclusive to Airguns of Arizona. That custom Cerakote finish certainly looks extremely cool and will turn a lot of heads!

In fact, the Concept XR is the latest version of the tactical-style Brocock Concept Lite that Hard Air Magazine tested a year ago. We loved it! It earned a 94% score and a HAM Gold Award for its performance on test.

Brocock XR-series rifles incorporate smooth side lever cocking and improvements to the firing system, compared to the model we tested. That would likely raise HAM scoring even higher, were we to test this new model.

The Brocock Concept XR Tequila Sunrise Edition is available in .177 cal, .22 and .25 calibers. Power levels rise to around 40 Ft/Lbs for the larger caliber model. Consistency and accuracy are the result of a Huma regulator and Lothar Walther barrel.

The New Brocock Concept XR Tequila Sunrise Edition

In the HAM Team’s opinion, a great benefit of Brocock Concept air rifles are their compact size and light weight. These are made possible by the “semi-bullpup” design.

The weight of 6.5 Lbs (plus scope), makes the Concept easy to carry in the field. Yet the solid Aluminum chassis gives a distinctly sturdy overall feeling. At 32-Inches overall length with the stock closed, this shorty design is appealing, without the look of “clumpiness” (is that a real word?) that some bullpups can display.

And did we mention that eye-catching, attention-grabbing custom Tequila Sunrise finish?

If you prefer your air rifles in all-black, there’s also the regular version of the Concept Lite XR available for a slightly lower price. Either way, this airgun is a “platform product” that allows you further customization options by fitting alternative AK47-fit pistol grips and AR15-style stocks.

To further whet your appetite, check out this short promotional video…

Brocock Concept XR Tequila Sunrise Edition