The New Crosman CHOPPA Double Barrel Full Auto BB Gun

If you thought that the new Crosman 3622 PCP air rifle was revolutionary, take a look at the Crosman CHOPPA. It’s a double barrel full auto BB gun!

The specs for the Crosman CHOPPA are a little thin on the ground right now, so it’s probably best for us to quote directly from the manufacturer’s web site…

“Crosman just dropped a gamechanger on the airgun market, and it’s called the Double Barrel Full Auto BB Gun. That’s right, two barrels spitting steel faster than you can say “hasta la vista, tin cans.”

This ain’t your grandpa’s plinking peashooter. We’re talking full auto, double the firepower, and enough ammo to wipe out a platoon of beer cans. This beast will turn you into a one-man wrecking crew. You want to rule the range and leave jaws on the floor? Then grab yourself a Crosman CHOPPA Double Barrel Full Auto.

It ain’t for the faint of heart, so if you can’t handle the heat, get to the CHOPPA! Made for those who settle for nothin’ but the best.”

Crosman CHOPPA Double Barrel Full Auto BB Gun

The company continues: “This ain’t your grandpappy’s BB gun with a measly little magazine, folks!

The CHOPPA boasts a hopper that could fit Willy Wonka’s entire Everlasting Gobstopper stash – that’s right, 6,000 BBs ready to rain down like a hailstorm of justice (or mild garden mayhem)! Pull the trigger – electronic, of course, none of that finger-pumping here – and this bad boy unleashes a torrent of copper chaos!”


To find out more, go direct to the Crosman CHOPPA web page. But you had better be quick, this product may have a very limited life – like maybe just today…