The New Daystate Huntsman Revere Safari Edition

The new Huntsman Revere Safari Edition incorporates Daystate’s tactile, raised-grain stock with height adjustable cheekpiece, increasing this classic model’s appeal both to hunters and target shooters.

Safari Editions have become an attractive option for a number of Daystate and Brocock air rifles. And now there’s a Safari Edition of Daystate’s most popular model of all – the Huntsman Revere.


Combining classic sporter looks with sleek design and a lineage tracing back to the company’s inception over 40 years ago. The Huntsman series has remained a firm favorite with field shooters the world over.

The Safari Edition features Daystate’s tactile, raised-grain wood stock. The boldly-textured Safari stock is further enhanced by stippled panels to the grip and forend. This provides significant handling benefits in inclement weather.

Combined with its natural camouflage look, the Huntsman Revere Safari Edition has all the perfect attributes for the field, Daystate explains.
The ambidextrous stock incorporates the lower-seated action that’s been a hallmark of the Huntsman’s design for some years years. However, the Safari Edition’s stock has been subtly tweaked to also accommodate the needs of target shooters, without compromising the Revere’s inherent sporter feel.


A vertically-adjustable cheekpiece allows perfect eye alignment for both varmint and target-styled scopes. In addition, the comb is finished in a soft-feel rubber for comfort in all conditions and shooting disciplines.


The Safari stock’s forend has been shaped to suit all holds and disciplines, too. There’s a broader shape and flatter base to assist those preferring to shoot from a bench.

The weight-relieved construction will appeal to hunters with large permissions to trek across. The scalloped butt is both practical and good-looking. Daystate says that it provides good balance in the shoulder for hunters, yet also the ideal anchor if shooting off a bench or bean bag.

For further versatility, stud-points have been incorporated for those who want to fit a sling, bipod or other shooting aid.

Action-wise, the Safari Edition keeps all the attributes that have made the Huntsman Revere Daystate’s biggest-selling rifle. These include a factory-installed Huma-Air regulator and sidelever cocking – user swappable for right- or left-hand use. (See the full HAM instructions here). Cocking effort is minimal even on the 40Ft/Lb model, the company explains.


The Huntsman Revere’s self-indexing magazine has a new loading gate, while there’s also a single-shot loading tray supplied for those who prefer to manually load their pellets.

HPA charging is via the probe system with integral rotary dust cover. The shrouded, match-grade barrel is fitted with a threaded muzzle. Finally, the adjustable two-stage trigger with manual safety catch has a tough, anti-glare metal finish.

Hard Air Magazine loved the Huntsman Revere when we reviewed it in .22 caliber. It earned a HAM Gold Award on test with an extremely high score of 95%. The upgraded Safari stock would undoubtedly increase that score even higher towards perfection!

The Huntsman Revere Safari Edition will be available in UK gun shops from the end of July 2022. It’s also available from Airguns of Arizona and Precision Airgun Distribution dealers in the USA.

Daystate Revere Safari Edition