The New FX Dream-Tac Bottle Air Rifle Provides Huge Versatility

The new FX Dream-Tac Bottle is another version of the versatile Dreamline platform. It was first unveiled at the 2019 IWA OutdoorClassics show back in March as one of the 20 new products to celebrate 20 years of FX Airguns.

The Dream-Tac Bottle takes the AR15 hardware-friendly Dreamline platform and adds a lot more air to the rifle.

The standard Dream-Tac has an HPA tube containing 220cc – 250cc of High Pressure Air (depending on the caliber). The Dream-Tac Bottle has more than double that amount of air. There’s two HPA bottle choices available for the FX Dream-Tac Bottle. These are a 480cc carbon fiber bottle and a much less expensive 500cc aluminum bottle.

Both bottles fill to 250 BAR and have an internal valve. This makes them removable from the action.

Either way, the bottle is attached to the Dream-Tac via the FX Dreamline Bottle Adapter. This houses FX’s AMP externally adjustable regulator. There’s also a standard, male 1/8-Inch NPT “Foster” quick disconnect built into the adapter.

FX specs indicate the following numbers of shots per fill…
– 180 shots in .177 caliber.
– 130 shots in .22 cal.
– 100 shots in .25 cal.
– 40 shots in .30 cal.

The FXDream-Tac has a full Picatinny scope rail. There’s also a Picatinny accessory rail ahead of the trigger guard. The pistol grip is actually a Hogue AR15 handgrip.

A stock is not included with the base model gun. However there’s a mil-spec ready mount which allows the owner to fit a wide variety of mil-spec AR-15 stocks and receiver tubes to the Dream-Tac.

FX Airguns says that the Dream-Tac Bottle has all the adjustability of the regular Dreamline. This includes the externally adjustable FX AMP regulator, an externally adjustable hammer spring, and a valve control knob.

And of course all Dreamlines feature the world-renowned FX Smooth Twist X barrel. The barrel is shrouded and has a 1⁄2-Inch UNF threaded cap so that an optional moderator can be attached where legal.

For more information, check out the FXAirguns website.