The New FX Ranchero Arrow PCP Pistol

The FX Ranchero Arrow is the latest product from the Swedish airgun company. The Ranchero has been around for a long time – but not like this!

Here we have the first arrow – or should that be bolt? – firing PCP air pistol.

The FX Ranchero Arrow is launched with an entertaining Airgun Depot video, with Jon of FX Airguns back at AGD demonstrating the product with Travis.

FX says that the Ranchero Arrow fires a 230 Grain bolt/arrow with a Muzzle Velocity of up to 240 FPS. That’s close to 30 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy, which is VERY strong for any type of air pistol!

The Ranchero has enough air for 8 shots per fill, says FX. The company is promoting this as a hunting gun for use at ranges out to 30 Yards.

So sit back and enjoy the video. Remember, too, that the Ranchero Arrow is a seriously powerful airgun and not a toy, as they remind us several times throughout the video…

FX Ranchero Arrow Air Pistol