The New Gamo Arrow PCP Air Rifle

First things first. The new Gamo Arrow PCP air rifle is NOT an arrow-firing PCP, such as we’ve seen from several other airgun companies, notably Umarex. Instead, it’s a regular pellet-firing PCP.

The new Gamo Arrow PCP features a multi-shot rotary magazine that holds 10 pellets. It’s available in .177 and .22 calibers. The “Arrow Straight Charging Handle System” ensures ergonomic and ambidextrous reloading, says the company.

This new PCP airgun features a 128cc air tank that provides up to 60 shots per fill and features Gamo’s Custom Action Trigger.

Gamo says that this PCP airgun is designed, engineered and manufactured by the company in Spain. As we can see from the photograph below, the breech is completely different from previous Gamo PCP air rifles that were designed and manufactured by the company’s British BSA subsidiary. (For example, the Urban).

The New Gamo Arrow PCP Air Rifle

The shrouded barrel has Whisper Fusion technology. This incorporates a double-integrated sound moderator so the pellet travels through two different chambers to compress the sound and limit noise expansion, Gamo tells HAM.

Gamo Arrow Specifications

Caliber: .22 / .177
Velocity: 900 FPS .22 / 1200 FPS .177
Action: Multi-shot 10-mound magazine
Dampener: Whisper Fusion Noise Dampening Technology
Power: PCP
Trigger: CAT (Custom Action Trigger) 2-stage
Scope: Open sights
Scope Mounting: Dovetail rail
Weight: 5lbs
Shot Count: +/- 60 shots
Cylinder Capacity: 128cc
Connector: Quick Fill “Foster” connector
Pressure Gauge: on-board pressure gauge
Stock: Automotive-grade glass-filled nylon all-weather

Gamo Arrow Multi-Shot PCP Air Rifle 0.22