The New Goblin ATOM-8 – World’s Smallest BB Pistol

Goblin Air-Sports Ltd. has announced the new Goblin ATOM-8 airgun. It’s being billed as the ‘smallest CO2-powered air-pistol in the galaxy’ and certainly looks to be an unusual and innovative product.

UPDATE. As of December 2021, it seems that the Goblin has not reached production stage – although it’s still shown on the company web site. For availability details, contact Goblin Air-Sports directly. HAM has no further information at this time…

The New Goblin ATOM-8 - World's Smallest BB Pistol

Designed for informal plinking and recreational shooting, the ATOM-8 uses ‘Micro’ 8-gram CO2 cylinders as a power source. It has a semi-automatic action allowing you to fire 12 BBs as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Alternatively the Goblin ATOM-8 can fire airgun darts in single-shot mode. Or flip up the barrel and launch single darts downrange, it’s your choice. The ATOM-8 is affordable backyard plinking at its best, says the manufacturer.

The New Goblin ATOM-8 - World's Smallest BB Pistol

Despite its tiny size, the Goblin ATOM-8 includes numerous features including:

– Drop-free CO2 magazine with capacity for up to 12 steel BBs
– All-metal construction with sintered metal internal components
– Double and single action hammer/trigger
– Semi-automatic action
– Dual safety mechanisms with separate trigger and hammer blocks
– Movable rear slide for easy and realistic disassembly
– Solid steel barrel

The manufacturer claims that the Goblin ATOM-8, can produce 3-4 Inch groups at around 15 Feet range with steel BBs. Goblin says the range of the gun is about 60 Feet and that the Muzzle Velocity of up to 280 FPS. Power is supplied by 8 Gram CO2 cartridges which are available from Goblin also.

All in all, the ATOM-8 is a very unusual and solid little pistol that’s being offered. Goblin is set to start the New Year off with a bang, by launching the ‘smallest CO2-powered air-pistol in the galaxy’ in January 2020.

The ATOM-8 will be available through select retailers for an MSRP of $99-$119 including 100 BBs, rear barrel gaskets (black for shooting BBs and green for shooting darts), and tools for disassembling the pistol to clean it.

Goblin Air-Sports Ltd. is a Vancouver-based designer and manufacturer of innovative airguns for the recreational shooting industry. Check out their website for more information.