The New Western Airguns Rattler Is launched Today

The new Western Airguns Rattler is launched today. This is a .357 caliber, semi-automatic PCP air rifle that provides the capability for rapid follow-up shots for hunting larger game and pest control purposes. Plus, it’s fun!

It’s in stock at Airguns of Arizona and Precision Airgun Distributors.

In an indication of how semi-automatic actions are moving towards the mainstream for PCP airguns, the manufacturer says that the Rattler is equally capable for long range target shooting. Indeed, they claim sub-MOA groups are possible at 100 Yards, courtesy of the hammer forged Nitrate-coated TJ barrel.

That sounds like definite Extreme Benchrest-winning capability except for one thing. The main EBR competition is for a maximum of .30 caliber. But I’ll bet you’ll see the Rattler shooting in the Big Bore competition this year!

The New Western Airguns Rattler Is launched Today

The Western Airguns Rattler has a fixed, 15- round magazine manufactured from Titanium. The depth of the mag is 21mm, which Western Bigbore says is capable of holding some of the longest slugs in the market today.

The manufacturer claims upwards of 15 consistent shots per fill of High Pressure Air using the included, interchangeable 580 cc carbon fiber cylinder. The fill pressure is 3,625 PSI (250 Bar). Two pressure gauges display regulator and HPA tank pressures.

The New Western Airguns Rattler Is launched Today

Airguns of Arizona tells HAM that the Rattler will be supplied set-up to fire 82 Grain JSB pellets at 900 FPS. That’s around 150 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle energy.

Using 170 Grain slugs, AoA reports 800 FPS and 250 Ft/Lbs, simply by adjustments to the power adjuster wheel. Raising the regulator pressure can bring the maximum Muzzle Energy with slugs to over 270 Ft/Lbs, they say!

The Ratter 357 utilizes a hammerless firing system that’s claimed to deliver strong shot-to-shot consistency also.

It is also equipped with a 20 MOA Picatinny scope rail, dual side rails, and a Picatinny bottom rail for attaching the bipod or accessory of your choice. There’s a solid aluminum shroud silencing system. The Rattler is equipped with dual safeties, an AR style interchangeable grip, synthetic cheek piece, and comfortable butt pad.

This video will give you some additional information about the Rattler. As well as the fun of shooting it!

HAM plans to bring you a comprehensive test review of the Western Rattler very soon. Watch this space!

Western Airguns 357 Rattler