The Number One Challenge For RMAC Competitors – Wind!

Ask any 2019 RMAC competitors what they think of the event and they’ll say the same thing. “It’s an outstanding competition but the wind is terrible!”

Yes, the wind really howls down the canyon. It happened on Day One and again on Day Two. It probably will continue for the rest of the competition, too…

But to make matters worse, it doesn’t blow consistently. There are violent changes of direction – even by 180 degrees in the matter of moments – and plenty of gusting, too.

Not only that, but even when the wind seems to have died down, there are still nasty little eddies that twist the pellet’s path just where and when you don’t want. This is extreme wind!

The Number One Challenge For RMAC Competitors - Wind!

Yet, in spite of such challenging conditions, there have been some outstanding scores at 100 Yards from some of the top competitors in the “Pro” Category in Day One…

–  Esteban Figeroa led with 226 x2

–  Justin Welch scored 224 x 4

–  Joe Brancato – the Airgun Scientist – shot 224 x 3

–  Alex Parlogean made 223 x3

–  Thayne Simmons scored 223 x 2

And there were several others in very close contention too. Scores like those, in such conditions, show the incredible ability of the shooters – and their equipment – at RMAC 100!

The Number One Challenge For RMAC Competitors - Wind!

Above, YouTubers Ted Bier and Giles Barry are clearly enjoying themselves! While, below, Fredrik Axelsson from FX Airguns readies his dual-tank Impact ready to shoot at 100 Yards.

The Number One Challenge For RMAC Competitors - Wind!

All RMAC competitors found the Speed Challenge hugely enjoyable! Unlike a conventional Speed Silhouette competition, this used a wide variety of reactive targets set at different ranges. Like these…

Much of the Speed shooting was made prone. Below we see Alvaro Lopez engaging some swinging targets with great rapidity.

The Number One Challenge For RMAC Competitors - Wind!

Of course, all these PCPs firing lots of shots uses a huge amount of High Pressure Air! But the Utah Airguns team has this well under control so that RMAC competitors don’t have to worry about HPA supply.

HPA tanks were constantly being filled from some seriously heavy duty compressors, like this Bauer gas-powered compressor, below.

And if you think that’s a big HPA compressor, just look at this wheeled monster that was also to hand!

Thanks to the Utah Airguns team for keeping the air flowing! This is just one of the many necessary  “background” jobs which are essential to a great shoot, yet are easily forgotten.

Tomorrow – Saturday June 8 – sees the Precision Marksman and Slug challenges. Interesting stuff! I can’t wait…