The Omega Trail Charger 4,500 PSI Portable HPA Compressor

The Omega Trail Charger is one of the growing band of compact, portable – and relatively low cost – HPA compressors that are helping to make PCP airguns ever more popular.

Higher-capacity Omega compressors such as the Super Charger and Turbo Charger have been in the market for some years. They are designed specifically to fill large capacity portable HPA tanks, rather than to fill PCP airguns directly.

The Omega Trail Charger has many features in common with its bigger brothers. However, it’s intended to fill PCP air rifles directly, both at home and in the field.

So, the Trail Charger is a portable machine that can run off either a 110V wall outlet with included inverter (below) or a 12V car battery.

The Omega Trail Charger 4,500 PSI Portable HPA Compressor

As with the larger Omega compressors, the Trail Charger is water cooled for a long service life.

The filling of a PCP rifle or pistol is hassle free due to the auto shut off capability that the user sets at the desired pressure. This relieves the user from having to watch the fill pressure gauge as the compressor does its job.

The run time to re-fill a 170 cc PCP air rifle cylinder – such as that of the Weihrauch HW100 – from 1800 PSI to 3300 PSI is less than two and a half minutes. Raising the pressure in a larger 480 cc carbon bottle, like the Daystate Red Wolf from 1800 PSI to 3500 PSI consumes around eight and a half minutes. Not bad!

The duty cycle of the Omega Trail Charger is 30 minutes run then 20 minutes cool. This allows for filling of larger tanks so long as the unit is allowed to cool appropriately.

So the Trail Charger can fill a relatively small 18 Cubic Foot capacity tank from empty to 4500 in only three bursts, totaling 90 minutes of run time. However, it’s really not intended to fill larger HPA tanks.

The Omega Trail Charger 4,500 PSI Portable HPA Compressor

Included features in the Trail Charger are a water site-glass, a grease pot for internal lubrication (see photo above). There’s also a burst disc, bleed valve to remove moisture and breaker switch. Cables for car battery use are supplied, together with an inverter for mains electricity usage.

Carry handles and rubber feet are provided to support portability. Also a maintenance kit of spare O rings and tools is included.

The Trail Charger’s manual moisture bleed valve can be used to reduce water carry-over. However, it’s best to pair the compressor with a dedicated desiccant unit to supply really dry air to your precious PCP air rifle. You can see the corrosive effects of “wet air” in your PCP air rifle in this HAM post. You really don’t want this!

The Omega CleanAir Inline Filter uses an inline molecular filter to remove moisture from the High Pressure Air produced by a compressor. It is simply connected between the compressor and airgun or HPA tank when filling. The replaceable cartridge system makes it simple to renew desiccant when the existing filter has absorbed all the moisture it can.

It works with any HPA compressor, not just the Trail Charger.

Omega Trail Charger Compressor
Omega CleanAir InLine Filter