The Pyramyd Ammo Almanac Is An Outstanding New Resource!

The Pyramyd Ammo Almanac is an outstanding new resource for airgunners that’s just been produced by Pyramyd Air! It’s a comprehensive listing of all the airgun ammo sold by the company, all the way from BBs to .50 caliber slugs.

If you’re on the Pyramyd Air mailing list, you should be receiving your own copy. If not, this is the time to phone the company and ask for it.

The Pyramyd Ammo Almanac is a hard copy publication of  twelve pages. It’s very nicely printed on high quality card – it’s obviously intended to be kept and used as a reference document.


“But isn’t this information available online?” I hear you ask.

Well yes, it is. However the Almanac provides a summary list that’s unavailable in such a simple and direct manner on the massive website. It’s easy to read and compare offerings. And it’s also ideal reading material when you’re somewhere that a mobile phone or computer is unavailable. (Think about it…)

Overall, this is a massive compilation that lists 334 individual airgun ammunition SKUs. Let’s face it, we’ve never had it so good for airgun ammo variety!

And however much you know about the airgun market, you’re very likely to find something new as you read the Almanac.

For example, I was familiar with the large range of Seneca big bore slugs and round balls. Yet somehow I’d missed that the Seneca brand also has dedicated hunting pellets available in  .177, .22 and .25 airgun calibers.

It’s interesting to see that .177 caliber still has – just – the largest number of product choices available. There’s 110 pellet SKUs in this caliber. That compares to 95 pellet plus 14 slug SKUs in .22 caliber (a total of 109), as you can see from the following chart.


(If you’re checking my maths, there’s also 12 BB SKUs that I didn’t list on the chart).

Pyramyd’s Ammo Almanac also provides helpful information for newcomers to our hobby. This includes simple explanations of the different pellet types and QR code links to the company’s online airgun hunting map and Muzzle Energy calculator.

Last – but not least – there’s a special Coupon Code on the back of the Almanac. This gives you a $15 saving when you spend $100 or more in Pyramyd Air. That’s a great offer because it is in addition to Pyramyd’s regular “buy four, pay for three” offer on pellets.


It’s definitely required reading!