The Rainson Edge – A New PCP From Turkey

The Rainson Edge is an interesting new PCP air rifle that’s being introduced by Armakon Defense in Konya, Turkey.

With a regulated, side-lever action, the Edge is to be available in .177 cal, .22 and .25 caliber models. There’s also a choice of wood (the Edge-W) and polymer (Edge-X) stocks for the semi-bullpup configuration, Armakon Defense tells Hard Air Magazine.

The Rainson Edge - A New PCP From Turkey

Claimed power levels are up to 20.6 Ft/Lbs for the .177 caliber model, 34.7 Ft/Lbs for the .22 cal gun and 40.5 Ft/Lbs in .25 caliber.

The standard HPA bottle holds 425 cc and has a maximum fill pressure of 2,900 PSI. There’s also a larger, 500 cc bottle that accepts 3,525 PSI fills. It’s standard on the .25 caliber models and an option on the .22 guns.

There’s also a choice of 19-Inch and 22.8-Inch barrel lengths. The overall length with the longer barrel is 31 Inches.

Armakon Defense says that the moderator shown in our heading photograph is optional. The muzzle is threaded 1/2-Inch UNF and is supplied with a muzzle cap.

As you can see from the photographs, there’s plenty of Picatinny rails around the gun. These are for scope mounting and to attach other accessories. The synthetic stock also has M-Lok slots as another attachment choice.

Rainson Edge Feature Summary
 .177 Caliber.22 Caliber.25 Caliber
Max. Muzzle Velocity1050 FPS with 8.44 Grain pellets930 FPS with 18.13 Grain pellets850 FPS with 25.39 Grain pellets
Muzzle Energy20.6 Ft/Lbs34.7 Ft/Lbs40.5 Ft/Lbs
Consistent Shots With 425 cc HPA bottle564840
Magazine Capacity141210

The Rainson website is currently under construction. But it should be available soon at

Armakon Defense is looking for international distribution for the Rainson Edge. Qualified companies can contact the company at