The Regman 2.0 External PCP Regulator

The Regman 2.0 external PCP regulator is an interesting specialist product that’s been recommended by my friend Frank.

Living here in up-state new York, Frank is an enthusiastic fisherman in the Summer months. But during the Winter, Frank’s passion is airgun shooting. He has a beautiful home range and likes to shoot for hours at a time at out to 50 Yards – sometimes more.

Frank shoots from a bench in his extremely civilized, heated “shooting house”. Hey, you have to keep warm up here in the Winter!

He sets-up paper targets downrange, fills his .22 caliber Weihrauch HW100 air rifle and enjoys testing his abilities on target.

But there was one problem. Frank loves everything about his HW100 – well, except for one thing. The limited size of the HW 100’s regular HPA bottle means that he needs to fill up with air after every 28 consistent shots.

If nothing else, that breaks the concentration. So Frank looked for a way to increase the HPA capacity of his HW100.

Below. There’s a custom box designed especially for the Regman regulator. Frank purchased that too.

Right next to his shooting bench, Frank has a large, 4,500 PSI HPA tank. Maybe, he reasoned, it would be possible to connect that tank directly to his air rifle.

All he needed to do was make the connection and arrange for the pressure going into the HW100 to meet Weihrauch’s maximum of 2,900 PSI (or somewhat less).

The result would be an almost-endless supply of High Pressure Air, together with a similarly endless number of beautifully-consistent shots from his HW100.

After some studious searching online, Frank found the Regman 2.0 external regulator. This is a simple, but high quality external regulator for High Pressure Air. It accepts input at up to 6,000 PSI with the ability to set the output pressure to pretty-well any value you like.

The Regman regulator uses standard 1/8-Inch NPT “Foster” fittings for both input and output. So Frank purchased the Regman 2.0 and connected it between the HW100 and HPA tank using two appropriate fill hoses.

The Regman external regulator has two gauges. One displays the input pressure. The other shows the output pressure. That output pressure can be set to the required value by simple rotation of the front control knob.

The Regman 2.0 External PCP Regulator

Frank’s problem was solved! He’s been delighted with the unit in use…

The Regman 2.0 external regulator is marketed primarily for use with unregulated big bore air rifles. But Frank’s example shows that it can also have a place in the kitbag of the avid benchrest shooter using a smaller caliber gun.

Yes, at $444.99, it’s not cheap. But Frank feels it’s worth every penny!