The Stoeger PCP Air Rifles – Will They Come To The USA?

Stoeger PCP air rifles have not been announced yet in the USA. But that may change in future…

Back in March, HAM Publisher Stephen Archer brought us an exhaustive series of posts about the new airguns shown at the 2019 IWA Show in Germany. But the show is much bigger than any one person can cover and he admitted at the time that he was bound to have missed something.

And he did miss a new air rifle! Here it is!

At the IWA Show 2019, Stoeger Airguns announced a pair of new PCP air rifles. These are the Stoeger XM1 and the Stoeger XM1 S4 Suppressor. Both were shown as “bare” rifles and bundled with a scope. The basic difference between them is that the S4 Suppressor model includes Stoeger’s built-in sound moderation system.

The new XM1 Stoeger PCP air rifles are regulated, bolt-action magazine-fed models. The calibers are listed as .177 and .22. Claimed maximum muzzle velocities are up to 1,050 FPS in the smaller caliber and 900 FPS in .22 cal.

The fill pressure is 2,900 PSI. The .177 cal magazine holds 7 pellets, the .22 caliber magazine 9 pellets.

From these specifications and photographs of the action, it seems clear that they are manufactured by Snowpeak Airguns (SPA). However, Stoeger has differentiated itself significantly from other SPA partners of by extensive design and logistics work associated with the stock and silencer.

The new Stoeger PCP air rifles have stocks designed in Italy. These – say the company – combine technical inspiration with the innovative vision of Milanese designers.

Their experience in industrial design and user understanding is focused to transform technical inspiration into solid and attractive projects, says Stoeger Airguns. They utilize a design methodology based on three concepts: Functional Ergonomics, User Interaction study and User Experience.

The results of this are the stylish design of the stocks, combined with Stoeger’s proprietary Proadaptive Checkering and Multi Grip stock system.

The Stoeger PCP Air Rifles - Will They Come To The USA?

Stoeger tells HAM that these allow the owners of the new XM1 air rifles to adapt them to their own style and physique. There’s a choice of stock pull length, pistol grip style and cheekpiece height – as the illustrations show.

When we hear more news about availability of these new Stoeger XM1 PCP air rifles, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, you can find out more details from the international Stoeger Airguns website.