The STUD DTM Loader Helps You Load A FX Impact Much Faster

The STUD DTM loader is the latest product from STUD Mag loaders. The intention of all these products is to help you load a FX Impact much faster with JSB pellets. In HAM testing, they certainly succeed at that!

You can find details of the original STUD Loader product range in this previous HAM post from last year.

But now the DTM Loader offers a new level of convenience by providing a one-step loading system for individual FX magazines.

The STUD DTM Loader Helps You Load A FX Impact Much Faster

Specifically, the STUD DTM Loader works with the “Side-Shot-type” magazines that are used in the Impact Mark 2 and M3. (It’s not compatible with the original magazines that were used in the original, first-generation Impact.)

These magazines have a high capacity that’s great for shooting. But they take a long time to fill. That’s where STUD Loaders come in!

How does the STUD DTM Loader work?

1. Stake your first pellet into your magazine as usual.

2. Pour your pellets into the feeder area of the DTM Loader and swirl.  All the pellets will position themselves perfectly, heads down in the loader.

3. Load your FX magazine (with staked pellet) onto the back of the DTM Loader.

4. Rotate the DTM loader elevator ring. All your pellets will slide directly into your FX magazine. (Sometimes a little tap on a table etc. is needed to get all the pellets to drop into the magazine)

5. Remove the FX magazine from the rear of the DTM loader, reinstall your FX magazine’s lid and you are ready to shoot.

This video shows the procedure…

As you can see, the system eliminates the need to hand load any pellets into the FX magazine (except the initial staking pellet). That’s why it helps you load a FX Impact much faster.

The DTM Loader is available in .177 caliber, .22 cal and also .25 cal. Note that the .25 cal version works with the current FX 25-shot magazine. It does not support the older 28-shot mag.

In .22 caliber, the DTM Loader will not work with 25.39 Grain  JSB Monsters due to the diameter of these pellets.

The way the DTM loader works seems like magic. It really works with diablo-shaped pellets. It does not work with slugs, however.

You can find out more and buy the DTM Loader direct from the manufacturer at