The Top 20 Airgun Reviews in HAM – First Half of 2018 Winners

As we have now passed the half-way point in the year, we can now announce the Top 20 airgun reviews in Hard Air Magazine for the first half of 2018.

In total, Hard Air Magazine now has no less than 111 comprehensive, structured test reviews available. These include 71 air rifle test reviews, 21 air pistol test reviews and 19 airgun pellet test reviews. More are being added every month.

Well over QUARTER OF A MILLION HAM airgun test reviews were read during the first half of 2018! That makes this ranking significant for the entire airgun industry.

And all HAM reviews are always available and FREE for you to read online!

To determine these Top 20 airgun reviews, we added-up how many times each review has been read. Then we analyzed the results.

So this is YOUR CHOICE of Top 20 reviews. Thank you to all our readers!

Top 20 Airgun Reviews

Here’s a chart showing the results:

The Top 20 Airgun Reviews in HAM - First Half of 2018 Winners

As you can see, the Top Five most-read individual reviews were as follows:

1 – FX Impact
2 – Diana Outlaw
3 – Weihrauch HW100
4 – Umarex Gauntlet
5 – American Tactical Nova Freedom

Congratulations to the five companies with these reviews!

Most Popular Airgun Types

It’s easy to see that HAM readers are most interested in rifles. Our Top 20 airgun reviews contains 17 air rifles and 3 air pistols.

As for power plants, the results are dominated by PCP air rifles, as you would probably expect:
– 11 were PCPs
– 4 were spring/piston
– 4 were CO2-powered
– 1 used a gas ram

Most Popular Manufacturers

When it comes down to manufacturers, it’s clear that German brands rule! The brand names picking-up the most reads of HAM reviews were Diana and Weihrauch. The total number of their test reviews read was almost identical.

The Number One most popular brand was Weihrauch. But Diana was incredibly close at Number Two, with just 0.8% less views of their test reviews. Both these companies had three models in this Top 20 airgun reviews list.

The third most popular brand was SIG SAUER, also with three reviews in the HAM Top 20 list. This position is a clear indicator of the power of the SIG SAUER brand, as their guns were all CO2-powered and two of them were pistols. These, as we know, were relatively less-read categories of review by you – HAM readers.

Congratulations to all three companies!

Other brands featured in your Top 20 list were:
– FX, two reviews
– Gamo, two reviews
– American Tactical, one review
– Benjamin, one review
– Crosman, one review
– Kral, one review
– Remington, one review
– Ruger, one review
– Umarex, one review

Thanks to all of you for reading Hard Air Magazine test reviews and making this story possible!