The Umarex Origin – An Ideal First PCP Air Rifle

As more and more people become interested in airguns, many are looking for that ideal first PCP air rifle. As most know, PCPs (Pre Charged Pneumatics) are great to shoot, with little to no recoil. They are also generally magazine-fed for rapid shooting, with shrouded barrels for backyard friendly noise levels.

But – and for many this is a BIG BUT – there’s the issue of filling with High Pressure Air (HPA). This presents numerous choices. “Do I need to buy an HPA compressor? Should I buy an HPA tank? Is a HPA hand pump best – and if so which one?” Plus, of course: “How much more will all this cost?”

Then there’s other common questions. Can I use a shop compressor to fill a PCP air rifle? Can I use a bicycle pump? The answer to both these is easy. It’s a definite no! Neither shop compressors nor bicycle pumps provide anywhere enough pressure to charge a PCP air rifle.

Umarex USA has taken a bold approach to providing an ideal first PCP air rifle with the new Umarex Origin. It’s a PCP bundled with a HPA hand pump. Everything is in one box. All the new owner needs to do is mount a scope and rings to make that PCP immediately ready to start shooting.

The Umarex Origin - An Ideal First PCP Air Rifle

More than that, Umarex has priced the Origin competitively at an MSRP of $349.99. That’s a very attractive price point, compared to that of competitive PCP air rifles plus the cost of a separate hand pump.

Now it’s true that the Origin does not have a regulator – the latest “must have” feature for many PCPs. However, it’s a much more sophisticated design than you might imagine. Instead, the Origin’s designers have put new technology into this gun to make it easier to fill with a hand pump.

The Umarex Origin - An Ideal First PCP Air Rifle

This new technology is called EPT – the “Ever Pressure Tank System”. It’s intended to make the Origin an ideal first PCP air rifle for existing break barrel air rifle owners, for plinkers, preppers and survival use.

We’ll look at how EPT works and how it benefits users in a future Hard Air Magazine post. For today, let’s concentrate on an overview of the Umarex Origin.

The Umarex Origin - An Ideal First PCP Air Rifle

The gun, pump, fill probe and two 10-shot magazines are all included in the one box. The pump is supplied in sub-assemblies that require some very simple work to put together. (Don’t worry about all the tiny O rings, springs and balls you’ll find in one bag. They’re spare parts for the pump – you’re not going to need them for some time, if at all).

Allow yourself about 10 minutes – max – to do this, following the instructions in the Owner’s Manual. Just one extra thing. With the benefit of experience, we used some plumbers PTFE thread sealing tape wrapped around the hose and gauge connector threads to prevent the possibility of leaks when using the pump.

The hand pump is connected to the air rifle using the included probe and pumping can commence!

The fill probe doesn’t fit here at the front of the HPA tube, although it looks as if it should!

The results of your effort are shown both on the pump’s gauge and that on the side of the gun. The green segment of the gun’s gauge indicates the range of pressure Umarex recommends for successful shooting.

The Umarex Origin - An Ideal First PCP Air Rifle

Then a scope can be mounted into the breech. The Origin allows both Picatinny and Airgun/.22 scope rings to be used. So you’re likely to be able to mount pretty-well any scope.

As the Origin is a relatively light PCP, we decided to mount a compact Leapers UTG 3-12×32 Bugbuster scope. This combines both the close-focusing capability and mil-dot reticle that are vital for airgun use. The combination looks good, works and balances well!

From this view, you can also see the side lever cocking system – an unusual luxury in an air rifle of such a low price – together with the manual safety lever between it and the trigger. The 10-shot magazine fits into the breech between the side lever and the gauge. Just make sure there’s clearance for it when you mount the scope!

So that’s a basic overview of the Umarex Origin. There’s much more to say about this ideal first PCP air rifle, so look out for more posts to follow in the near future…

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Umarex Origin PCP Combo
UTG Bug Buster 3-12×32 AO Scope