The Walther Reign PCP Air Rifle Arrives In The USA

The Walther Reign PCP air rifle was first introduced at the 2019 IWA Outdoor Classics show in Germany. HAM brought you news of it at that time in our reports from the show.

This is the first bullpup air rifle to be designed and manufactured by Umarex in Germany. That’s the company’s Chief Airgun Designer, Juergen Kloeckener – below – showing me his teams’ new gun in Germany.

The Walther Reign PCP Air Rifle Arrives In The USA

Now it’s time for another show on another continent! The Walther Reign PCP will be launched for the US market at the 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

The Walther Reign PCP utilizes a molded clamshell design to provide a light weight, easy-to-handle air rifle. The clamshell molding concept also was used by the designers to achieve a harmonious appearance. They also added plenty of grip texturing and curved surfaces to make it comfortable and easy to shoot for most shooters.

The overall length is just 31 Inches and the weight 5.5 Lbs – without scope, of course.

The Walther Reign PCP Air Rifle Arrives In The USA

This makes it a very compact design that’s combined with true ambidextrous capability. Magazines can be loaded from either the left or right side of the gun. Also the cocking lever can be set to operate from the side the owner finds most convenient.

The Reign has a fully shrouded barrel and is available in either .22 or .25 caliber making it ideal for target shooting and small game hunting, says Umarex USA. Scope mounting is facilitated by the Picatinny rail and there’s a second short rail on the underside for attaching a bipod.

Power levels can exceed 50 Ft/Lbs in .25 caliber. The magazine holds 9 pellets in .25 cal and 10 in .22 caliber.

The Walther Reign PCP Air Rifle Arrives In The USA

So the Walther Reign is a very innovative, unusual bullpup PCP air rifle.

Juergen explained to me that his design aim was to make the gun “become one with your body”. For example, the location of the cocking lever was chosen to to be comfortable and easy to operate without loosing sight of the target. Also great effort was taken with the sidelever cocking mechanism to make operation as smooth as possible.

MSRP in the US is expected to be $799.99.