The Webley Nemesis Air Pistol – It’s New, Unusual And Innovative

Pyramyd Air has announced that the new Webley Nemesis air pistol is now in stock and shipping.

It has previously been shown at the 2019 IWA Show in Germany – HAM reported on it from there.

The Nemesis is an interesting design that combines a number of unusual features into one gun.

For a start, the Webley Nemesis air pistol differs from most other CO2-powered pistols in that the CO2 cartridge is NOT installed in the grip. It’s actually under the barrel, in a manner reminiscent of the Crosman 2240, but not often since seen.

The Webley Nemesis Air Pistol - It’s New, Unusual And Innovative

It’s also a pellet pistol, rather than a BB shooter. Sure, there are other CO2-powered pellet pistols out there – notably from SIG SAUER. But few are available in both .177 and .22 calibers.

Then there’s the pellet magazine. Again, this is not enclosed in the pistol grip. In fact it clips into place in the breech, more like that of an air rifle. The magazine is also unusual in having dual pellet spools.

The Webley Nemesis Air Pistol - It’s New, Unusual And Innovative

Magazine capacity for the Webley Nemesis air pistol is 2 x 7 in .177 caliber and 2 x 6 in .22. The magazine is of a “saddle” configuration and is swapped-over when one spool is empty.

The gun is supplied with one magazine. There’s also a single shot tray included, so the gun can be single-loaded if you prefer. Both magazines and single shot trays are also available separately as accessories.

The Webley Nemesis Air Pistol - It’s New, Unusual And Innovative

And then there’s the action! The Webley Nemesis air pistol has a bolt action – again unusual for a CO2-powered air pistol. The difference here is that it’s very easy to change the bolt handle location from one side to the other. This makes it ideal for left-handed use.

The fixed fiber optic sights can be removed, if desired, and a scope or red dot sight mounted on the long dovetail rail that extends the full length of the gun.

In addition, there’s a Picatinny rail under the barrel and ahead of the trigger. That can be used for mounting accessories such as a laser or flashlight.

Muzzle velocity is claimed as being up to 450 FPS in .177 with 7 Grain pellets. The figure in .22 cal is and 370 FPS with 14.6 Grain ammo. But, the slower .22 cal gives 40% more Muzzle Energy – 4.44 Ft/Lbs compared to 3.15 Ft/Lbs of the smaller caliber at the claimed velocities.

All told, this is a very flexible design. Although it has the fashionable “black look”, it’s not a copy of any existing centerfire pistol and looks to hold an unique place in the air pistol market at the present time.

Webley Nemesis CO2 Air Pistol