The Weihrauch HW90 Air Rifle – It’s One Of A Kind!

The Weihrauch HW90 air rifle is a remarkable product that’s unique in a number of ways…

Firstly it’s the German manufacturer’s only airgun with a gas ram powerplant.

Secondly, it’s been in production for longer than just about any other gas ram-powered air rifle in the market today.


Thirdly it includes the gas ram concept originally developed by the British company Theoben. And even though Theoben is long defunct, Weihrauch still credits the Brits in its publicity. That’s loyalty for you!

Fourth, unlike other Weihrauch springers, it does not use the company’s famed “Rekord” trigger. Instead there’s an “Elite” trigger, with the safety in front of the trigger guard.


Fifth. Unlike any other gas ram airgun, the HW90 has the built-in capability to change the pressure inside the gas ram – and therefore the power. True, it requires the use of a separate, additional cost, pump and gauge, but it can be done.

The gauge and pump are readily available from Airguns of Arizona and we see them in the photograph below. Not to scale!


This makes it the only gas ram air rifle that is truly “tunable” in the sense that its power can be altered for best performance with a specific weight pellet.

Yet it looks just like a regular breakbarrel springer!

The Weihrauch HW90 air rifle is available in four calibers. They’re .177, .20, .22 and .25 cal. That the gun can be a powerhouse is indicated by the AoA chrony test data that was supplied with HAM’s review gun.

This showed a Muzzle Velocity of no less than 914 FPS with 10.34 Grain JSB Exact heavy pellets. That’s 19.10 Ft/Lbs. Hot – very hot for a .177 caliber breakbarrel…


Weihrauch breakbarrel air rifles – including the HW90 – gladden the heart of the traditionalists among us by including beautiful stocks of “real tree wood”, together with an obvious commitment to open sights. So included with every gun is a complete set of front elements that fit into the tunnel frontsight.


HAM will be investigating this interesting air rifle in detail in future. It seems like there is a lot to be learned!