There’s A New Airgun Depot Competition – The Long Ranger Offhand Challenge!

Airgun Depot has launched a new Summer contest. It’s their Long Ranger Offhand Challenge.

In this challenge, you need to film yourself shooting an Airgun Depot exploding golf ball at a range of 75 Yards – or more. Yes, that’s offhand, standing, unsupported…

Needless to say, this is one VERY tough challenge!

Of course, Airgun Depot is offering some outstanding prizes to the winners, like a FX Wildcat combo valued at $2,900, and more.

Here’s how to enter the Long Ranger Offhand Challenge:

– Order an official Airgun Depot Exploding Golf Ball. These are just $1.99 or free with any purchase by using coupon code “GOTBALLS” (limit one per order).

– Place ball at 75, 100, 125, or 150+ yards.

– Set up your camera (a cellphone will do) with both golf ball and shooter visible.

– On camera, introduce yourself (name, location) and air rifle (make, model and caliber).

– Record golf ball being shot in one take (no cuts or stops in recording).

– You can cut out your 20-30 misses before you hit the ball, just make sure the shot that hits is shown in full without any cuts.

– Upload the video to YOUR own YouTube channel. If you don’t have a channel, it’s simple to set one up.

– Submit your video and details to Airgun Depot.

– That’s it!

Once the video is reviewed and verified, Airgun Depot will send you an email and a Airgun Depot Long Ranger Offhand Challenge Patch. Then stand by to see if you’re a winner…

We also suggest that you watch this video as Travis explains the rules and makes a 75-yard shot himself.

Have fun!!!

But don’t wait too long before entering, the closing date for this competition is 25th August, 2019. Oh, yes, and you have to live in the USA. For a full list of the terms and conditions, visit the Airgun Depot website.