There’s A New Airguns of Arizona Website And More…

As of today, there’s a whole new Airguns of Arizona website. It’s designed to make online shopping at AoA a dynamic and enjoyable experience, says the company.

The basic structure of the AoA website is retained, so you won’t get lost! But the Home Page is completely different and the whole design has a new, stylish look.

New Airguns of Arizona Website

AoA main man Robert Buchanan told us: “We’ve designed the new Airguns of Arizona website to give a quality shopping experience that reflects the quality products we sell, like Daystate, Brocock and FX. And the quality of service we offer, too!”

New Airguns of Arizona Website

As part of the new look, Airguns of Arizona is also introducing a new logo. “It’s sharp and a little bit edgy”, explained Robert. “I think most customers will immediately recognize the sight picture inspiration for the design. We’re on target at AoA and we want customers to see that instinctively when they come to our website.”

Of course, the 2018 Extreme Benchrest will be happening next week. That makes it particularly appropriate that this major airgun competition is now fully-integrated into the new Airguns of Arizona website.

New Airguns of Arizona Website

You will be able to read full, daily coverage of Extreme Benchrest in Hard Air Magazine as it happens from October 11-14.

AoA General Manager Greg Glover led the team that worked on the new Airguns of Arizona website. Making a complete website change like this is a major undertaking, particularly when there are so many product pages, videos and other “moving parts” to be included – as the HAM Team knows! Greg has obviously made a great job of this project – everything works faultlessly so far as we can see.

Greg’s next Internet project is to revamp the AoA blogs, he tells HAM. There’s one for hunting, with another for product reviews and news. Stay tuned…