There’s A New Name in The Airgun World – SIG Air

No, it’s not your new favorite airline! SIG Air is the new name for the SIG SAUER Advanced Sport Pellet Business.

The new name was launched at a Press Event at the SIG SAUER headquarters in New Hampshire on 25 July, 2018. But there’s more to it than just a name change.

The SIG Air name is a statement of direction for the future of airgun products at SIG SAUER. Not only is it applied to the existing SIG SAUER ASP range of products, it’s the brand name for the new SIG Air ASP20 break barrel air rifle that was also announced on the same day.

And there’s more…

Future SIG Air products will also include firearm and airgun versions of the same gun developed concurrently by the same team. And there’s more to come!

Another change is that the current license agreement whereby Cybergun uses the SIG SAUER brand on a number of airguns will be wound down. This means that – by the start of 2019 – all SIG-branded, air-powered guns will be genuine SIG products.

The SIG Air Management Team continues unchanged. So Joe Huston now runs the expanded SIG Air business. We can expect to see Joe driving this new portfolio with the same flair and energy as he has already showed in the Advanced Sport Pellet organisation. You can read the Hard Air Magazine interview with Joe here.

Well-known industry veterans Ed Schultz and Dani Navickas are also integral parts of the SIG Air team, as you would expect.

SIG SAUER President and CEO Ron Cohen remains deeply committed to the future of SIG air-powered products. When I interviewed him for Hard Air Magazine last year, Ron stressed to me that – for SIG SAUER – there’s no difference between firearms and airguns. They treat both types of guns with the same level of rigor and quality.

Below, Joe Huston, Stephen Archer and Ron Cohen in Ron’s office at SIG’s headquarters.

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This means that SIG Air products are co-developed by both “firearms engineers” and “airgun engineers”. In fact, in SIG, there’s no difference! They’re all highly-capable development engineers who just happen to be working on projects for new guns that may be powered by powder, or air…

This commitment to the airgun business by senior management was demonstrated by Ron Cohen at the SIG ASP20 press launch.

Ron joined us for Dinner in spite of having arrived back in New Hampshire just a couple of hours before from a trip all the way to India! Despite what must have been crushing jet lag, Ron was determined to be present. Again he stressed that SIG doesn’t see air-powered products as “just airguns”. SIG Air products are full SIG SAUER products, with all the reputation and quality that implies.

Thanks Ron! We can obviously expect to see a lot from SIG Air in the future…