There’s Still Time To Register For The 2018 Dixie Double Air Gun Event!

Registration is now open for the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s 2018 Dixie Double Air Rifle and Air Pistol Competition. This annual event set to fire Nov. 3-4, 2018, in Anniston, Alabama.

The Dixie Double is one of the few 10 Meter competitions during the year which combine both air rifle and air pistol shooting in one competition. It’s also one of the few in which both adults and juniors are both welcome to compete.

The 2018 Dixie Double will be hosting some of the best men, women and junior competitors from around the country, including members of the Army Marksmanship Unit and other national-level athletes. This means it serves as a learning opportunity for upcoming shooters as well as a worthwhile challenge for experienced marksmen.

The event features two days of 60 shot international rifle and pistol competitions for adults and juniors, fired simultaneously, along with a final to end each day. A two-person aggregate team event is also held concurrently with the open shooting competition. Overall competitors are awarded each individual day as well as from the combined, two-day aggregate scores.

Returning to the 2018 Dixie Double is the Target Sprint competition. This is open to all competitors and non-competitors, ages 10 and up, who have completed a basic rifle safety class.

During the Target Sprint event, participants run along a path, occasionally stopping to fire air rifles at five 10-meter falling targets, knocking all over before continuing on. The first to cross the finish line wins!

There’s still time to sign up for one of the South’s most popular air gun competitions, held within the CMP South Competition Center at Anniston, AL. This facility is home to the CMP Store and 80, 10-meter air gun firing points. Each point is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic targets, which allow instant shot displays to both competitors and spectators.

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