Third Annual Pyramyd Air Cup Sees Record Attendance.

Nearly 100 Competitors attended the 2016 third annual Pyramyd Air Cup!

Hosted by leading airgun retailer Pyramyd Air, the Cup is claimed to be the best attended AAFTA Grand Prix event for field target shooting in the U.S. during 2016.

The third annual Pyramyd Air Cup was hosted in conjunction with local AAFTA club, the Ohio Airgun and Field Target Shooters Association (OAFTSA). So nearly 100 shooters descended upon the Tusco Rifle Club in New Philadelphia, OH September 9-11 for the most challenging and exciting airgun match of the year.

Third Annual Pyramyd Air Cup Sees Record Attendance

The third annual Pyramyd Air Cupt attracted amateur and professional shooters from all over the country and delivered winners in multiple airgun shooting disciplines including Field Target shooting, the fast-paced GunSlynger event, and the PayDay Challenge.

Below, that’s WFTF PCP Division Winner,Greg Sauve, shooting.

Third Annual Pyramyd Air Cup Sees Record Attendance

“We introduced a record number of people to the sport of airgunning at the third annual Pyramyd Air Cup,” says Pyramyd Air CEO, Joshua Ungier. “And while the competitive spirit was remarkable amongst shooters, it was the almost tangible level of anticipation for each exciting course of fire that really sets the Pyramyd Air Cup competition apart from others,” he said.

According to Hunter Piston class competitor Peg Brewer of Victor, NY, “Every aspect of the Pyramyd Air Cup goes above and beyond. Pyramyd Air makes the Cup a 4 star event all the way around.” Brewer states, “I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that their demo tent, filled with an abundance of exciting airguns, got me into the sport.”

Below, Bill Rabbitt won the Hunter PCP Division of the third annual Pyramyd Air Cup.

Third Annual Pyramyd Air Cup Sees Record Attendance

Reigning AAFTA National Champion Ken Hughes, added, “What a weekend! The Field Target courses were challenging, and the wild, rapid-fire style of the Gunslynger event was difficult in its own right. It was great getting to meet new airgun buddies and check out the new gear from the many vendors in attendance. I really enjoyed the PA Cup!”

Below. Yip, that’s Rossi Morreale – the host of the American Airgunner TV show – shooting at the Cup.

Third Annual Pyramyd Air Cup Sees Record Attendance

“Field Target is one of the most difficult shooting disciplines out there,” says Pyramyd Air Cup Match Director, Tyler Patner. “Combine the multiple skills required to rise to the top of your game, with the myriad of factors you take into account at each lane, and you’ve got  a challenging sport,” he says.

“Targets are small, metal silhouettes of animals that consist of a kill zone and a colored paddle,” explains Patner. “Placed at unknown distances from between 10 yards to as far as 55 yards, the targets have kill-zones ranging in size from 3/8 inch to 1 1/2 inches. When the pellet passes through the kill zone and hits the paddle, the target falls and you’re awarded a point,” he said.

Below, Ray Apelles shooting in the WFTF Piston Division.

Third Annual Pyramyd Air Cup Sees Record Attendance

“It’s a game of precision and practice.” Continued Patner. “You range find with your scope, dope for distance, take the wind into account, and then you have to execute. It’s really a lot to take in,” he added. “There are different restrictions based upon your selected class, but the challenges remain the same. Wind doping, range finding, and remaining mentally tough over the entire course of fire are the biggest hurdles competitors face,” Patner says.

Congratulations to the 2016 Pyramyd Air Cup Winners:

– Open PCP – Brian Van Liew

– Hunter PCP – Bill Rabbitt

– Hunter Piston – Paul Manktelow

– WFTF PCP – Greg Sauve

– WFTF Piston – Hector Medina Gomez

– GunSlynger PCP – Greg Sauve

– Gunslynger Piston – Eric Brewer

– PayDay Challenge: ($200 prize, split between two shooters), Dave Hitchcock and John Eroh

For more about information about the official results of each competition, including the GunSlynger and the PayDay Challenge, see

Equipment-wise, 6 out of the top 10-placed Hunter PCP competitors used Benjamin Marauder air rifles. 4 out of the top 10-placed competitors in Hunter Piston used HW97s, while 3 others used Air Arms TX200s.

For pellet selection, the story was all JSB! Out of the top 10 winners in each division, the following numbers used JSB pellets (or Air Arms pellets, which are manufactured by JSB). Hunter PCP – 10 out of 10; Hunter Piston – 7 out of 10; Open PCP 10 out of 10; WFTF Piston -4 (all 4 competitors in this division); 9 out of 10 WFTF PCP.

Numerous airgun manufacturers donated competition prizes and product to the 2016 event including, AirForce Airguns, Air Arms, Beeman, Crosman, Birchwood Casey, Diana, Feinwerkbau, H&N, Hawke Sport Optics, JSB, Leapers, Plano, Predator, Umarex, UTG, and Walther.

“You’d be hard pressed to find an airgun competition with a better selection of prizes for its winners,” says Ungier. “Our winners’ packages help assure shooters that if they’re limited to traveling to only one competitive shooting event, they recognize the Pyramyd Air Cup as the industry’s premier event.”

Watch the official video of the third annual Pyramyd Air Cup below.

The photographs is this story were provided by Pyramyd Air, Crosman Corporation and Rossi Morreale. Thanks all!