TRIOPTICS Partners With Hard Air Magazine For Riflescope Test Reviews

HAM riflescope test reviews are starting now. And they’re the best in the industry – as you would expect!

Over the years, Hard Air Magazine has built-up an enviable reputation for the quality of our test reviews. They’re independent, honest and based on hard data. Yet they’re also easy to read.

They’re just what you need to make a buying decision for airgun products!

In order to achieve the same high standard for HAM riflescope test reviews, Hard Air Magazine is partnering with TRIOPTICS – the world expert in optical measurement and test systems. That’s the system in our photograph above.

As Trioptics is a name that’s probably unknown to most HAM readers, here’s an overview of the company and how this partnership will benefit Hard Air Magazine riflescope reviews…

TRIOPTICS GmbH is an internationally-orientated company with headquarters in Germany. It focuses on optical measurement and manufacturing systems for lenses, lens systems and camera modules.

The company develops, produces, and markets high-quality, innovative optical measuring and manufacturing technology for lenses and lens systems like riflescopes. As an essential part of this, they also develop powerful and intelligent software solutions which capture, analyze and display the results.

Below. Trioptics software provides a huge amount of information.

TRIOPTICS Partners With Hard Air Magazine For Riflescope Test Reviews

TRIOPTICS has a broad customer base throughout the world in the optics industry, universities and research laboratories, the medical engineering industry, the aerospace industry, military facilities, and the mechanical engineering and tool industry.

For example, TRIOPTICS plays a key role in the optical testing of lenses for mobile phones and digital cameras.

In addition, TRIOPTICS has a comprehensive, dedicated, riflescope test system. It’s called the ImageMaster Afocal and is a combination of extremely sophisticated hardware test bench and software.

And TRIOPTICS experts will use this system to generate data for HAM riflescope test reviews. WOW!!!!!!

TRIOPTICS Partners With Hard Air Magazine For Riflescope Test Reviews

Above. The riflescope on test is clamped in a precision fixture for testing.

Now it has to be said that the output from the ImageMaster system is designed for optical engineering specialists. So, for HAM test reviews, we will provide a summary of optical quality from the TRIOPTICS system.

In addition, we’ll also combine this data with photographs taken through the scope. That way, we will all be able to understand scope quality in a way that is interesting and useful.

The combination of these data sources, together with the HAM Team’s analysis and presentation capabilities, will make HAM riflescope test reviews the best in the shooting industry. We can’t wait to share them with you, and they’re coming very soon!