Turkish PCP Air Rifles Everywhere at IWA OutdoorClassics 2023!

HAM has already covered a number of new Turkish PCP air rifles in our reports from the 2023 SHOT Show.

But there’s yet more Turkish manufacturers and models to be found at the IWA show. In fact, Turkish PCP air rifles seemed to be everywhere you turned. Let’s look at a few more here…

Of course, Hatsan is the best-known Turkish PCP air rifle brand in the USA at the present time. There’s just a few of the range shown in our heading photograph above, including the new Factor Sniper.

A major new Hatsan model for 2023 is the Factor BP. As is typical for the company, this is available in a number of versions, including this one below. That’s Blaine Manifold – the “main man” at Hatsan USA showing it to us.

Turkish PCP Air Rifles

The Hatsan Jet II pistol/carbine is also now available with a range of HPA tube colors…

Turkish PCP Air Rifles

Of course, it’s the Hatsan style to go all the way with their products :-)

At first I thought that the tripod-mounted PCP in our photograph below was a anti-aircraft gun. But it turns-out to be an automatic Blitz equipped with high capacity magazine and no less than four HPA bottles…

It was definitely an attention-grabber!

Turkish PCP Air Rifles

Needless to say, Kral had their usual overwhelming range of Turkish PCP air rifles on display. Phew!!!

Turkish PCP Air Rifles

Then there’s airguns from Kuzey Arms. This is another company associated with Kral but which has a slightly different range of models.

Another Turkish PCP manufacturer from the same town – Konya – is Effecto. Addussamed Guzel from the company showed us the latest Zeon bullpup PCP. It’s available in a range of calibers up to .25 inch. More details are available from the company’s website.

Turkish PCP Air Rifles

Effecto’s latest model is a tactical-style gun. This is an innovation for the company. Again Abdussamed shows it to us below.

Finally for today we see PCPs from another Turkish company, Armakon Arms. These PCPs are marketed under the Rainson brand.

Below, Huseyn Aslim shows us the Rainson Glow. It’s a compact, sidelever, regulated PCP with tactical styling. The action includes two regulators and power is up to 40 Ft/Lbs in .25 caliber.

Rainson also has an Edge model. This is available with a semi-bullpup wood stock for those who prefer a more traditional look. Check out the range on the company’s website.

So many Turkish PCP air rifles and so little time…