Umarex Announces New Personal Protection Airgun

Answering the widespread current concern over public safety among people unwilling to buy a firearm, Umarex USA has announced a new personal protection airgun. It’s launched under the new Prepared 2 Protect (P2P) brand.

The Prepared 2 Protect T4E HDP 50 Pepper Pistol is a CO2-powered pistol that fires pepper rounds for less-than-lethal self defense – where legal – Umarex USA tells HAM. It can also be used with rubber balls and dust balls for training purposes.

This personal protection airgun is similar in basic concept to a non-blowback BB pistol – but with some significant differences.

The Prepared 2 Protect T4E HDP 50 uses a 12 gram CO2 cartridge for propulsion. This is loaded into the pistol grip in an “upside down” fashion, with the flat end facing the base of the pistol.

New Personal Protection Airgun

Most importantly, the CO2 cartridge remains un-pierced until the pistol is required for use. It features what Umarex USA describes as a “split second CO2 activation system”. This allows the cartridge to be activated rapidly by tapping a piercing screw in the base of the pistol grip.

This personal protection airgun fires .50 caliber pepper balls. There’s an internal magazine under the barrel that’s loaded using a pull-back follower. Up to 6 rounds can be carried in the Prepared 2 Protect T4E HDP 50 Pepper Pistol.

Muzzle velocity is said to be up to 375 FPS.

There’s a trigger safety similar to that found in many current BB and centerfire pistols. In addition, a short Picatinny rail under under the barrel can be used to mount a laser or flashlight.

New Personal Protection Airgun

The pepper pistol’s slide is bright orange, for identification as a “non firearm”. It’s fitted with typical fiber optic front and rear sights.

The Prepared 2 Protect T4E HDP 50 Pepper Pistol is supplied complete with 10 x pepper rounds and 10 x rubber balls. There’s also a cleaning squeegee included.

So can I buy one? The answer to this is a little complicated. A potential purchaser will need to understand if it’s legal where he or she lives.

As Umarex points out, there are restrictions, product markings and other requirements in the U.S. that vary by state, municipality or jurisdiction dictating where a Prepared2Protect pistol and projectiles can be sold, received, owned, carried and/or used.

Every purchaser is responsible for checking and obeying the state and/or municipality laws that govern their use and/or ownership of P2P products, the company continues.

Take a look at the company’s shipping/ownership restrictions web page for examples of what this might mean where you live.

Prepared 2 Protect T4E HDP 50 Pepper Pistol