Umarex Legends M1A1 BB Gun Will Be Here In 2020

This one is going to be massive! Umarex has announced that there will be a full auto Legends M1A1 BB gun arriving early next year.

Early information indicates that this new Legends replica will have a full auto, blowback action. This will be combined with ultra-realistic looks, weight and handling.

Overall length is 31.75 Inches and the weight is 7.75 Lbs. There’s a manual safety and Umarex is listing the Muzzle Velocity as 435 FPS.

Powered by two 12 Gram CO2 cartridges, the Legends M1A1 BB gun uses a drop-free 30-round magazine. In fact, you’ll probably want to buy several spare magazines – these will be available also as a separate product.

Umarex Legends M1A1 BB Gun Will Be Here In 2020

As another member of the Umarex Legends range, expectations will he high for this forthcoming new BB gun. When HAM tested the Legends MP40, it received an outstanding rating – 96% and a Gold Award.

If the new M1A1 has anything like the MP 40’s quality of action and realism, combined with the outstanding wood effect of the Legends Cowboy (97% and a HAM Gold Award), it will be a HUGE success!

Umarex Legends M1A1 BB Gun Will Be Here In 2020

MSRP for the M1A1 is $229.99. That’s very close to that of the “unweathered” MP40. Spare magazines – which include the valve, hold the CO2 cartridges and BBs – are listed at $49.99. Again, that’s very close to the MP40 spare mags.

Looks like it’s going to be time to buy a ton of CO2 cartridges and a few Zillion BBs to enjoy this baby!

HAM hopes to receive a sample Legends M1A1 BB gun in the near future. We’ll bring you photographs, details and a full test as soon as possible after that. Until then, you can drool at this promotional video which has just been produced by Umarex USA.

To be among the first to receive this latest Legends airgun, you can pre-order a M1A1 directly from the Umarex USA online store at Umarex will email you a notification when the product is available.