Umarex Origin Single Shot Tray

Although the gun is not supplied with one, yes, there is a Umarex Origin single shot tray. People have been asking HAM about this…

HAM tested the Air Venturi Single-Shot Tray for Benjamin Marauder and it fits perfectly. So – for those who have asked – this is a working solution if you would like to use your new Origin in single-load firing mode.

Umarex Origin Single Shot Tray

Why use a single-shot tray? Well, maybe you just want to fire a single shot! It’s easier and faster to snap this tray into the Origin than it is to load one pellet into the rotary magazine.

There again, some people swear that a single shot tray helps any air rifle shoot more accurately.

As the magazine for the Umarex Origin is compatible with that for the Umarex Gauntlet, Seneca Aspern and Benjamin Marauder, it’s no surprise that this Air Venturi Single-Shot Tray snaps directly into the magazine well of the Origin. It’s a direct replacement for the regular magazine.

Meanwhile, on another Origin topic…

Yes HAM’s idea of adding O rings to the cocking lever handle also works with the Origin! We first showed this hack in our posts about the Air Venturi Avenger. This is an incredibly simple modification – just roll on the O rings and position them in the slots of the handle.

This makes the lever action handle much more tactile and easy to grip. It also avoids the possibility of fingers slipping off of the cocking handle in wet weather.

Air Venturi Single-Shot Tray, Fits Benjamin Marauder .22-Cal Air Rifles
Air Venturi Single Shot Tray .22 Caliber