Umarex Solid Lead Ammo For Hammer Big Bore PCP

Umarex USA has announced a new product. It’s Umarex Solid Lead Ammo for Hammer big bore PCP air rifles.

This Solid Lead Ammo (SLA) is 320 Grain slugs with a diameter of .510 Inches. It’s specially intended for the .50 caliber Umarex Hammer big bore air rifle.

These hollowpoint slugs are packed in 20 count boxes. The company says that these slugs provide the superior energy transfer and maximum expansion required for ethical “one shot” kills when big game hunting.

The bolt-less, “shoot through” design of the Hammer means that slug choice is very important.

There’s no conventional bolt in the Hammer. This means that slugs are fired directly from the magazine, rather than being pushed into battery in the barrel using a bolt.

So, slugs need to be just the right diameter! These slugs are designed to be a (fairly) easy push fit into the magazine. This is required to achieve a suitable seal between the slug and the magazine.

If slugs have too small a diameter, air – and therefore power – will be lost through an imperfect fit in the magazine. They may even drop through the mag! Too large and the slug will not insert into the magazine without undue force.

Umarex USA has a video specifically explaining how to load the Hammer. This shows just the right amount of effort required to push the slugs into the magazine.

So this Umarex Solid Lead Ammo for Hammer big bore PCP air rifles is likely to be the ideal choice for the Hammer.

Pyramyd Air has SLA in stock at $34.99 for a pack of 20 slugs. You can – of course – get one pack free for every four you buy, as with Pyramyd Air’s normal pellet and slug deals.

Umarex Solid Lead Ammo For Hammer Big Bore PCP

HAM has a Hammer in-house. We plan to review it in the near future.

Umarex SLA – Solid Lead Ammo – .510/.50 cal., 320 grain (20 ct.) 0.50