The Umarex Steel Force is Airgun Depot’s 2017 Best Selling Air Rifle of 2017

Airgun Depot has announced its list of 2017 best selling air rifles. The top seller is the Umarex Steel Force BB-firing, CO2-powered “assault rifle”.

It’s an interesting list!

The major manufacturers are represented quite evenly. There’s three Umarex guns – including the number one and three best sellers – two from Crosman/Benjamin, two from Gamo, two from Hatsan and one from SIG SAUER.

As to power plants, breakbarrels – both gas ram and spring piston – were the most popular. Six of the top ten use this firing mechanism.

Three of the Airgun Depot 2017 best selling air rifles are CO2-powered and just one – the Benjamin Maximus – is a PCP.

Half of the list are fast-firing, multi-shot airguns, including the number one Umarex Steel Force, number two and four position best sellers. Obviously many airgunners are moving away from the traditional, single shot air rifles.

Here’s the full Airgun Depot 2017 best selling air rifles list, from the best-seller down:

1. Umarex Steel Force

2. Gamo Swarm Maxxim IGT

3. Umarex Octane Elite

4. Benjamin Wildfire

5. Crosman MTR77

6. Gamo Whisper Silent Cat

7. Umarex EBOS

8. Hatsan Edge Vortex

9. Hatsan Mod 135 Vortex QE


We’ll have Airgun Depot’s best-selling pistols of 2017 tomorrow…

Umarex Steel Force