Umarex Synergis 22 Now Available

Throughout the year, Umarex USA has been relentless about launching the new products they displayed at the 2020 SHOT Show! The latest of these is the Synergis 22 caliber underlever air rifle.

Umarex Synergis 22

The Synergis was launched in .177 caliber only in 2019 so the Synergis 22 is somewhat of a “stealth launch” for this year. However, it will be here very soon – as the company said it would be and it works well!

Like the .177 caliber version, the .22 caliber model features a 12-shot magazine, underlever cocking, a shrouded fixed barrel and Picatinny scope rail. This remains an unique combination of features in the market today – and they are features that are very attractive to many buyers.

The Synergis 22 reviewed by HAM produced a peak Muzzle Velocity of 780 FPS with 11.75 Grain Predator GTO lead-free pellets. This  represents 15.9 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy, almost identical to that of the .177 caliber model we tested previously.

As with the .177 cal model, this is a long, heavy air rifle. It weighs 9 Lb 12 Oz including the scope and the weight is distributed forward. If you’re a muzzle-loader type who likes muzzle-heavy long guns, the Synergis will be just for you!

Importantly, the underlever retaining mechanism is very robust. Here’s a look at the underside of the cocking lever clip, followed by the retaining catch at the end of the barrel.

The 12-shot magazine is similar – but not identical – to that of the Umarex Gauntlet. It has a higher capacity, however no blocking piece to prevent the Synergis being dry-fired.

Like its .177 caliber brother, the Synergis 22 is supplied with a 3-9×40 bundled scope. As covered in our comprehensive review, this scope is of the “one time AO” variety. It’s possible to VERY CAREFULLY rotate the inner ring around the objective lens using the slots in the ring. (I do this with a flat-bladed jeweler’s screwdriver).

Rotating this inner ring alters the parallax adjustment of the scope and allows it to be re-focused to a closer distance than is set from the factory (probably 100 Yards). This will give significantly improved sharpness at general airgun-shooting ranges.

But if you mess-up doing this, you’ve undoubtedly invalidated the Umarex warranty. So it’s at your own risk!

Umarex Synergis 22 Now Available

However, HAM’s advice remains to fit an improved scope and heavy-duty rings to obtain best performance from your Umarex Synergis.

Note that this is not a specific slam against the Synergis, it’s a comment that applies to the overwhelming majority of air rifles that are sold with bundled scopes…

It was scope issues that just pushed the Synergis out of Gold Award territory in the full HAM review. It was still good enough to easily earn a HAM Silver Award, however and so can be a great buy if you plan to replace the bundled scope anyway.

As with the .177 caliber version, the Synergis 22 is supplied with two magazines. It also carries a 3-year warranty from Umarex USA.

If you’re one of the (many) people who loved the Synergis concept but wanted it in .22 caliber: it’s will be here very soon!

Umarex Synergis .177 cal, Multi-shot Gas Piston Rifle Combo 0.177
Umarex Synergis Air Rifle