Umarex Wins Top Places For Airgun Depot 2018 Best Selling Airguns

Umarex scored a “one, two” win in the listing of 2018 best selling airguns, just published by Airgun Depot.

According to Airgun Depot, the Umarex Legends MP40 was their best selling air rifle of 2018. The Beretta M92A1 pistol – also distributed by Umarex USA – took first place among pistol sales.

It was second year in the top spot for the M92A1. This air pistol also took first place in Airgun Depot’s list of top selling air pistols for 2017!

In their 2017 listing, Airgun Depot showed the Legends MP40 as the second-placed PISTOL. This year it’s graduated to being a rifle! (It’s not the only one, as you can see below).

HAM understands the issue, we weren’t sure whether to test the MP40 as a pistol or rifle in our comprehensive review. Either way, the Legends MP40 achieved a coveted HAM Gold Award in our testing. It’s a great airgun and deserving of its inclusion in Airgun Depot’s 2018 best selling airguns list!

Umarex Wins Top Places For Airgun Depot 2018 Best Selling Airguns

Umarex Legends MP Full Auto BB Gun

All told, Umarex scooped 8 out of the top 20 places in this 2018 best selling airguns list. That’s a great performance for the Arkansas company!

It’s very noticeable that all except one of the top-selling pistols were fast-firing “firearms replicas” – mostly shooting BBs. Only the Benjamin Marauder Woods Walker PCP represented a “traditional” type of air pistol. It appears at number 6 in the list.

Perhaps more tellingly, 5 out of the top 6 air rifles in Airgun Depot’s 2018 best selling airguns list were also fast-firing BB guns. Again, the top four were firearms replicas. Only five were “traditional” airguns of one sort or another.

While not necessarily representative of the whole airgun market, it’s clear from Airgun Depot’s list that there’s a huge demand for fast-firing firearms replica airguns firing BBs.

To compare the changes from last year to this, HAM has assembled these tables showing Airgun Depot’s 2018 best selling airguns with those from 2017. Enjoy!

Best selling air pistols
1Beretta M92A1Beretta M92A1
2SIG SAUER P320Umarex Legends MP40
3Schofield No. 3Umarex Steel Storm
4Remington 1875SIG SAUER P320
5Glock 19, Gen 3Uzi
6Benjamin Woods WalkerCrosman Vigilante
8Crosman 1911Gamo PT-85 Tactical
9Umarex XBGSIG SAUER P226, Flat Dark Earth
10Beretta Elite IITanfoglio Witness
Best selling air rifles
1Umarex Legends MP40Umarex Steel Force
2Crosman DPMS SBRGamo Swarm Maxxim IGT
3UziUmarex Octane Elite
4Umarex Steel StormBenjamin Wildfire
5Hatsan Edge VortexCrosman MTR77
6Umarex Steel ForceGamo Whisper Silent Cat
7Gamo Swarm MagnumUmarex EBOS
8Air Force Texan SSHatsan Edge Vortex
9Black Ops Tactical Sniper ComboHatsan Mod 135 Vortex QR
10Gamo Whisper Silent CatSIG SAUER MCX