Useful LCS SK-19 Accessories

As more airgunners try the LCS SK-19 selective fire PCP air rifle, the more they seem to like it! This means that there’s a growing range of useful LCS SK-19 accessories coming to the market.

The SK-19 has proven to be a reliable air rifle that’s much in demand. That’s why there’s still a waiting list should you wish to buy one. However, guns are coming out of assembly and the wait should not be too long.

HAM has reviewed the SK-19 in .30 caliber and also in .22 cal. The airgun earned a coveted Gold Award in our industry-standard, structured testing. Check out these reviews for more details on specifics of the airgun…

LCS SK-19 Accessories

Given the ability of the SK-19 to fire so fast – 19 rounds in under three seconds in full-auto, or as fast as you can pull the trigger in semi-auto – everyone wants more shots per fill from their air supply. So I tried-out a SK-19 fitted with two HPA bottles, courtesy of the Air Superiority V Twin dual bottle adapter.

This adapter mounted easily to the SK-19. Just remove the regular tank, screw in the adapter, then screw two tanks into it. The result is definitely firm, solid and stable. Albeit somewhat heavy.

LCS SK-19 Accessories

Having the dual bottles certainly revolutionized the SK-19 for me. Now I could fire seemingly for ever without the need to refill with High Pressure Air 🙂

Well, actually, “for ever” was actually around 100 shots for the .25 caliber version with two 480cc bottles mounted. But that’s still pretty impressive!

Of course, there’s never anything gained for nothing. As mentioned, adding the adapter plus another bottle increases the weight of the SK-19. But that’s what the lower Picatinny rail is for…

I added an Accu-Tac bipod under the front end of the rifle. That took the weight and definitely is the way to go if you’re shooting from a bench.

LCS SK-19 Accessories

As you can see from the photograph above, the other accessory fitted on this SK-19 was the Kraford And Lypt adjustable buttpad.

This provides a significant improvement in shooting the SK-19 as it provides the facility to adjust the plate up or down 20mm. There’s also a rotating pad for cant compensation, combined with tactile hard rubber pips for improved grip against the shooter’s shoulder.

As another bonus, the adjustable buttpad is designed with a smaller bottom plate than top. The claim is that this improves fit under your arm while the wider top plate distributes recoil pressure against the shoulder. It worked for me!

LCS SK-19 Accessories

Were I fortunate enough to own one, these are definitely LCS SK-19 accessories that I would want to have on my gun. Sadly I had to give this one back to AoA 🙁

LCS SK-19 PCP Air Rifle .30 Caliber