Visting St. Croix? Check Out Caribbean Air Gunners

Leonard Thomas is the founder and owner of Caribbean Air Gunners LLC, located on the beautiful Island of St. Croix in the U.S Virgin Islands. Thanks to him, HAM can bring you the story of how his business got started and where it is today.

Below we see Leonard (right), with Tom Adams at Extreme Benchrest 2022.

Caribbean Air Gunners

Here it is in his own words. Take it away Leonard…

“It all started for me when I saw the movie  “A Christmas Story”, back in the early eighties. We all remember the famous line “You’ll shoot your eye out, you’ll shoot your eye out”, don’t we!

As a result, the Red Ryder was my first airgun, and like that boy in the movie, I pleaded with my parents for one every chance it got. A Christmas story became my Christmas story, I got my very own Red Ryder!

In fact I think I may have been happier than that kid in the film. The result is that I have had a thing for airguns ever since! Next I progressed to a multi-pump Daisy and then a Benjamin Sheridan.

Later, my interest in airguns transferred over to firearms, and I became an FFL Dealer. I opened a store in 2003, where I sold firearms, and also carried some air rifles and pistols.

We didn’t not start to carry PCPs until around late 2018 early 2019. There were only a few people on island who had them at that time. Most of the PCPs I carried were from the Hatsan line. We carried a few Benjamins as well. In addition, we special ordered a few Airforce Texans.

Interest started to peak, as they was no other retailer on St Croix that had PCPs available for sale, let alone on display.

Then a gentleman came in one day and purchased a Hatsan Flashpup. He and his Dad had been shooting PCPs for many years and had a few Daystates. They were happy to see there was now a local option to access to PCPs. We later coordinated our first PCP airgun competition in 2020. This was held at our local range (St. Croix Marksmanship Association). I donated a Umarex Gauntlet PCP rifle as the prize for the winner.

Shortly After I launched Caribbean Air Gunners LLC . We had strong support from some of our core customers, who I consider original members and brothers in air. These include Steve Richards, Alfredo Semper, Ronald Christoper, Bobby Soto, Kimba Kabaka, Gerard Andrew and the rest is history!

Caribbean Air Gunners

My business aims to create an environment and atmosphere for like-minded individuals who share the same love and passion for the sport of airgunning. Will can meet, socialize and dialogue with our fellow brothers and sisters in air.

Our mission is not only to be our brother’s keeper, but keepers of our community as well. Through guidance and support, our goal is to help others gain knowledge and learn more about the sport of airgun shooting.

If you’re in beautiful St Croix, don’t forget to check us out!”

Thanks, Leonard! Don’t forget to check out the Caribbean Air Gunners Facebook page.