Walther LG400 Monotec Stock

The new Walther LG400 Monotec stock offers an innovative approach to stock design and functionality.

Interestingly, the stock is not mounted in the usual fashion on the receiver but instead on the barrel! This means that vibrations from firing are not transmitted to the barrel. The result is top shooting performance, says the company.

Walther explains that the LG400 Monotec combines the versatile adjustment possibilities of the KK500 stock with an unique suspension design to deliver consistently outstanding performance.

Another claimed benefit is that the action can be quickly installed and removed without affecting accuracy. This means that the Walther LG400 Monotec stock can be easily dismounted from the action for compact transport.

In addition, the rifle can be sighted-in simply by clamping to the Monotec block as support.

Walther LG400 Monotec Stock

Walther tells us that the excellent ergonomics of the KK500 in the buttstock area, combined with the newly designed BIOMETRIC grip and the new aluminum butt plate, provide professional shooters with everything they need for a perfect firing position.

In terms of design, the LG400 Monotec stock is reduced to the essentials – a classic example of “form follows function”.

The Walther LG400 Monotec stock is adjustable for length and height depending on the requirements of the discipline and the shooter’s personal preferences. With its optimized weight distribution, the LG400 is also ideal for bench rest shooters, says Walther.

The new Walther LG400 Monotec stock is also available as an exchangeable stock for Walther LG400, LG300, and LG200 air rifles.

Further information is available from Janet Raab, the Director of Competition Shooting for Walther Arms Inc, in the USA.