Want Some Fun? Try Action Armour Targets

Airguns of Arizona is reminding us of the fun in shooting with this new video of Action Armour targets.

These reactive targets are all manufactured from abrasion-resistant 3/16-Inch AR400 steel plate. This means that they can withstand repeated hits from just about any air rifle – even those with Muzzle Energies of 100 Ft/Lbs.

However they also function properly with Muzzle Energies as low as 10 Ft/Lbs, says AoA.

And they’re all-American – manufactured in Arizona from US materials!

Action Armour Targets

The range of Action Armour targets includes speed silhouette targets. Yes these silhouette targets have been used at Extreme Benchrest for many years.

Now AoA has produced a new video showing how much fun these targets are to shoot. And how robust they are, too!

So how comes the flash/bang explosions in the video? Simple, the AoA team attached exploding Firebird pyrotechnic targets to the silhouette targets. You can see them if you look closely. Sadly, these pyrotechnic targets are not legal everywhere in the US 🙁

There’s also a selection of shoot-to-reset targets. These include kill zone reducers. The shoot-to-reset system means that there’s no need to call a “cold line” for target re-setting. Nor is there any need for the string-operated resetting that’s common with other reactive airgun targets. They’re shown in our heading photograph, above.

One of the most useful Action Armour targets is the Quadrant Target. We’ve all struggled at some time to know where the gun is shooting. Is it high left or low right? Now it’s easy to see…

Action Armour Targets

Aim at the orange center target and the miss will cause one of the four quadrant plates to move. It’s a great, simple idea that’s useful for all airgun shooters. The Quadrant Target includes a stand. This video shows how it works.

Finally, not that these targets are not suitable for use with steel BBs or alloy pellets. Just good, old-fashioned lead pellets and slugs. Have fun!

Action Armour Reactive Airgun Targets