Do You Want To Win an FX Impact? Check Out The New Airgun Depot Long Rangers Competition!

The new Airgun Depot Long Rangers competition is launched today.

To be among the Long Rangers, you need to video yourself hitting an exploding Airgun Depot golf ball. Then upload the video to YouTube. It’s a great idea and there’s a great opportunity to win a customized FX Impact air rifle.

And, by the way, that customized Impact is worth a cool $2,500.00, according to Airgun Depot.

There’s also Airgun Depot Long Rangers badges and patches available so that you can brag to your friends about your shooting prowess. Full details can be found at the Airgun Depot Long Rangers Competition Page.

There’s only one catch. You need to be good enough to hit the golf ball at 150 Yards range. Or, preferably, more. Like 175 Yards or 200 Yards. And yes, that has to be using an air rifle!!!

If that’s not a challenging airgun competition, the Ham Team is not sure what is…

At least you don’t have to do it with the first shot. You take take as many as you need, just so long as the successful hit is captured on video. It’s OK to use your cellphone for the video, there’s no huge production team necessary to record your success. That’s part of what makes this so obviously a fun competition.

Take a look at this video, it will tell you all about the competition and how you can enter.

So how do you shoot an exploding golf ball at great distances? Below, Cameron from Airgun Depot shows you how to tee up a successful 150 yard hit and how to make the video.

You may remember that HAM ran a story last week about shooting golf balls at long range. Guess what? That turns out to have been the “trailer” for this new competition. How about that for a coincidence???