Watch the 2016 Pyramyd Airlympics – It’s A Blast!

This is fun to watch! The 2016 Pyramyd Airlympics is a series of short videos produced by Pyramyd Air. It features three members of the Pyramyd team in competition, using airguns from different countries around the world. The competitors are:

– 1. Patrick Milligan (Purchasing Department)

– 2. Gene Salvino (Service Department)

– 3. Boris Tolstykh (Service Department)

The videos are introduced by Tyler Patner (Sales Department), who explains each course of fire before the competitors start shooting. Tyler, of course, is a well known Field Target competitor and demonstrates how it’s done.

Who wins? You’ll have to watch the 2016 Pyramyd Airlympics to find out!!!

1. The 2016 Pyramyd Airlympics has begun and the “athletes” are all assembled. First up is everyone’s favorite, the Springer Zinger Challenge. This moving target event is always a hotly contested one and this year’s match is shaping up to be one for the record books.

2. Well day two of the Pyramyd Airlympics has dawned and we head down to Airlympic Stadium for the men’s Poppin Pistol Challenge. Will Sweet Daddy Gene build upon the momentum he established on Opening Day? Let’s get started and throw some lead!

3. The final day of the 2016 Pyramyd Airlympics is upon us and the action looks in no danger of slowing down. Sit back and watch the first ever Gunslynger Challenge to end in a sudden death shoot out!

HAM would like to thank Kristen Coss – the Producer of the Pyramyd Airlympics – for allowing HAM to bring you this exciting sporting event!